Meet one of our youngest ever customers

Eloise testimonial

We recently helped 12-year-old Eloise with a bespoke seating solution. Eloise was born with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and one of the issues which Eloise and her family faced on a daily basis was getting Eloise in and out of a chair especially as she grew.

"Eloise’s condition makes getting in and out of chairs very difficult even with assistance from us so we decided to look at possible seating options that would make this easier and more dignified for her.A friend suggested we contact Repose and when they explained the bespoke solutions they could offer we knew we had found the answer” explained Eloise’s mother Sarah.

Helena, our National Sales Manager visited the family and went through the options available which would help increase Eloise’s comfort and independence including the choice of a chair with two different backs: "After spending time with Eloise I knew one chair with a combination of two backs would be the ideal solution for Eloise in her home environment” commented Helena.

The solution came in the form of a standard rise and recliner base but with two interchangeable backs, a Rimini and a Chepstow. The waterfall style design of the Rimini back features three tiered cushions which can be individually adjusted for comfort. All the back cushions can also be adjusted with additional padding to provide increased additional support. The Chepstow has a plunging soft fibre centre back cushion with deep lateral cushions either side to help nestle the back in a comfortable midline position.

"Eloise has had her chair for 4 months now and it has made such a difference, not just to Eloise but to us as a family and I cannot thank Helena and the rest of the staff at Repose enough for all their help. From Eloise’s perspective, she can now independently get in and out of the chair thanks to the riser function which is so important for her and we can change the back of the chair depending on her needs that day. From a parent/carer point of view we no longer have to manually lift Eloise from the chair therefore eliminating the risk of associated back injury” continued Sarah.

"It is great to see what a difference we have made to Eloise’s levels of comfort and independence and receive such positive feedback. Many people assume that Rise Recliner chairs are only designed for the elderly and this is proof that these chairs can help people of all ages and levels of mobility” concluded Helena.