Protac MyFit® Vest

The Protac MyFit® is a sense-stimulating vest

Fabric Shown:
100% polyester Black

The Protac MyFit is for for young people, adults and elderly with mental and physical unrest who need help staying calm, concentrating and learning. it Improves body awareness to create a calming effect.

Protac MyFit stimulates the sense of touch as well as the muscle and joint position senses and is used on young people and adults who suffer from restlessness, anxiety, difficulty concentrating or poor body awareness.

The vest fits snugly against the body and the comfortable amount of weight and pressure of the vest provides the user with a distinct awareness of the body which alleviates anxiety, hyperactivity and stress.

It helps:

  • To promote better concentration and calmness at home, school and in the workplace.
  • Those who are mentally and physically challenged to be able to better handle their everyday activities.
  • Those with stress and anxiety providing a calming and comforting effect.
  • To alleviate and quell aggressive or externalising behaviour.

MyFit is well-suited for people with hyperactivity and physical unrest and can also be of great benefit to those with neurological disorders, sclerosis, Parkinson's disease and pain problems.

The vest can be used for as long as or as much as the user finds it comfortable to wear and its soothing effects will continue to last.

There are a range of sizes and models according to chest size and stimulation needs, with the larger balls and heavier vest offering stronger stimulation.

  • Adults, the elderly, children and youths.
  • Those young people and adults with hyperactivity and physical unrest also be of great benefit to those with neurological disorders, sclerosis, Parkinson's disease and pain problems.
  • Improving the effects of apoplexy and ataxia. The stimulatory effect of the balls improves balance and alleviates spasticity and involuntary movement.
  • The after effects suffered by brain damage patients to strengthen balance and body awareness.
  • For those suffering from ADHD and autism to help with concentration and learning difficulties, as the thickness of the balls give extra sensory stimuli and better body awareness.
  • The clients of therapists and specialists as an aid for sensory integration therapy and motor skill training for balance and coordination. The vest is also used in cognitive training, speech therapy and ADL training.
  • Those suffering from stress to provide calmness, comfort and better body awareness.
  • Children and young people within a classroom environment to aid concentration and calmness.
  • Care homes, hospitals, hospices, charities, schools and special schools, psychiatric departments, waiting rooms, sensory rooms, treatment and therapy rooms as well as in people’s homes

A range of medical conditions:

  • ADHD
  • Anxiety
  • Apoplexy
  • Autism
  • Brain Damage
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Pain
  • Deafness and/or Blindness
  • Dementia
  • Development Disorders
  • Huntington’s Chorea
  • Hypermobility
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Neurological Disorders
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Psychiatric Disorders
  • Sensory Disturbances
  • Sensory Processing Disorder
  • Sleep Disorders
  • Stress
  • Tourette’s Syndrome


Colour and Sizes

Protac myFit comes in Black, washable, polyester and in a range of sizes.

Protec Myfit Vest 012

Functional Design 

For young people and adults including the elderly, MyFit fits snugly against the body and the comfortable amount of weight and pressure of the vest provides the user with a distinct awareness of the body which alleviates anxiety, hyperactivity and stress.

It is made of an elastic material which fits snugly against the body. The vest is designed with compartments that run down the front and back of the vest and are filled with weighted plastic balls. The vest zips up and has laces discretely placed on the sides which let the user adjust the fit of the vest so that it fits snugly and offers optimal stimulation to the user's sensory system.

Protec Myfit Vest 015 Protec Myfit Vest 013

MyFit comes in two models, one featuring 38mm balls suitable for children and adults and the other which is for adults only, with 25mm balls and also featuring Velcro opening on shoulders.

The 25mm model is especially suited to those individuals who are physically weak with limited mobility, such as, elderly people suffering from dementia or neurological conditions.

Protec Myfit Vest 016 Protec Myfit Vest 017


  • A 10 year old boy with ADHD and attachment disorder:Specialist teacher, says: "I had a fantastic experience with a 10-year-old the boy with ADHD and attachment disorder who came to me for a social-cognitive interview. He was extremely restless and disturbed, and his defence strategy was to play the fool. I have never before experienced such a marked change – both with his motor skills and emotionally – as happened to the boy after putting on the ball vest. He sat on his chair and became completely quiet. He was actually capable of staying concentrated for 20 minutes, which was fantastic!”
  • A 24-year-old student diagnosed with ADHD:They comment on using the vest: "I think the vest is a very successful product, both in appearance and effect. Not only do I calm down, I have better posture when I’m wearing it. When I am sitting with it on, it has a massage effect which is very nice, especially after hard training. It has had a good calming effect on me at school, and both my classmates and teachers have noticed this. The vest is usually compared to a bullet-proof vest, and I think it has a certain resemblance. My friends who have tried it out also react very positively, and I could see how they calmed down significantly after a short time (10-15 min.).”


  • 11-year-old boy with infantile autism and learning difficulties:A teacher comments on using the vest with boy who craves sensory input: "He has used the vest several times a day while at school. He participates better in class activities and is calmer and more collected.”

Deafness and/or blindness

  • School for the deaf and blind:An occupational therapist from the school comments on using the vest with two to five-year-old children with visual impairment: "We use the vest in connection with sensory motor tests, and several children are reluctant to take the vest off afterwards. They look blissful and feel very comfortable wearing it.”

Neurological disorders 

  • A 45-year-old woman who has suffered a stroke:She has paralysis on her left side and comments on using the vest: "It makes it much easier to get my left foot to connect with the floor and avoid the foot twisting as it usually does. It must be because the vest has a good effect on my spasticity. I can feel my body much better when I sit and work. It is as if it helps me to sit more upright. It is good strength training for me to walk around wearing the vest, and it feels comfortable once you get used to it.”

Neurological condition 

  • A 73-year-old man with Parkinson’s disease:"I use the vest throughout the day when I play the piano, write by hand, and do practical things around the house. The vest gives me a sense of greater inner calm during these activities, and of being better able to master them. It gives me a sense of security, grounding, deeper relaxed breathing and a more upright posture.”

Motor and mental restlessness

A 7 year old boy with motor restlessness:

  • His parents comment on using the vest with their a seven-year-old boy: "When we were given the opportunity to borrow the vest for a weekend, the whole weekend was far more peaceful for everyone, and the vest was clearly the reason for this.” A child therapist comments on using the vest with a seven-year-old boy with severe motor restlessness and delayed motor development who is easily distracted: "For example, he has learnt to ride a bicycle, because, as he says while putting the vest on: I can better control my body when I’m wearing the Batman vest.” A 52-year-old woman who has difficulty concentrating when doing seated work comments on using the vest: "I can concentrate for longer periods of time than is usually the case. I also notice that my breathing becomes deeper!”

Mental disorders 

  • An occupational therapist at a psychiatric ward:She comments on using the vest with patients with ADHD problems: "Patients here on the ward have started to put on the vest on their own initiative if they feel restless or have to attend an important meeting.”


  • A 37-year-old woman with back problems:She comments on using the vest: "I feel very relaxed in my body when I’m wearing the vest, and the pain goes away. It generates warmth, but not too much. It gives some form of weight sensation/grounding, so I can better collect my thoughts. And it has a very comfortable fit.”

There are a range of sizes available which are detailed below:


Chest Size

Approx Weight

56-64 cm





Chest Size

Approx Weight

78-86 cm

86-94 cm


96-104 cm


108-114 cm


116 -124 cm


There is only one fabric colour available – Black 100% Polyester.

The vest can be washed regularly. Please ensure you follow the cleaning instructions in the user manual.

or view our online brochure.


All Protac products carry a two-year warranty.

Warranty Exclusions

  • Fabric and product damage resulting from misuse, negligence, abuse, accident or incorrect cleaning
  • Damage caused from normal wear and tear and lack of, or, incorrect maintenance 

Important Warranty notes:

  • Only the balls used by the manufacturer may be used in the Protac MyFitR – to use others will invalidate your warranty
  • No modifications should be made to the product and all spare parts need to be those recommended and used by the manufacturer / supplier – to do so will invalidate your warranty.

Medical Equipment - Labelling

The products are labelled according to legislation regarding medical equipment Class 1.

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