About Us

Driven by Quality - Delivering Comfort without Compromise

Our Mission

Our mission is to transform the quality of life of people with health and mobility conditions by providing solutions that offer; choice, value for money, and help to make care easier.

Our Vision

To be the leading UK & International provider of services and products that keep people with health conditions; mobile, active & independent in their chosen living environment.

Repose is a key part of the Prism Healthcare group, a UK wide provider of specialised equipment to aid the mobility impaired and the people caring for them. Prism Healthcare has been providing moving, handling and bathing equipment for more than 30 years and works closely with every client to provide a service which combines product design, manufacture and installation with on-going support. By working in close co-operation with the other members of the Prism family Repose will connect with customers on a fundamental level and deliver high quality seating products which play a key role in improving and simplifying the lives of carers and the people they care for.

Our commitment to progressively more intensive research enables us to continue to refine our seating solutions in ways which conform to the rigorous standards of the healthcare market. As a result, we’ve become an increasingly trusted partner of care homes, hospices and hospitals across the UK.


Our expertise in chair design and rise and recline mechanisms has turned us into industry leaders who constantly innovate to bring customers the very best in terms of fit and comfort. We offer an extensive range of bespoke chairs and can design and deliver to almost any specification.

All our models, from traditional to the contemporary, are British made by fully trained crafts people. Every member of our team, from experienced upholsterers to delivery drivers, is committed to ensuring we deliver quality every time, which is why we have the reputation we are so proud of. Together with the rest of the Prism Healthcare family we are committed to solutions which solve real world problems in ways which are simple, affordable and highly effective.