Protac MyBase®

Protac MyBase®

200 x 200 cm

Protac MyBase® is an expertly crafted air mattress with a unique feature. That feature is the fact that it is filled with weighted plastic balls, creating a platform which helps to train for balance and delivers calmness and relief to people with physical and mental disabilities.


Suitable for:

The Protac MyBase® is suited to users from all age groups. It offers particular benefits to those with ADHD, autism, deaf blindness, balance problems, sensory neurological conditions and developmental learning disability.

The unique physical qualities of Protac MyBase® stimulate a range of senses, from touch to muscle and joint position. This promotes a sense of calmness and improves body awareness, making it the ideal solution for stimulating the senses and providing training and rehabilitation for all age groups. It can also be used as a secure base for the correct placement of wheelchairs and to help people who are paralysed or dealing with developmental learning disability or brain injuries.


Design and size

The Protac MyBase® is an inflatable airbed which comes with its own electric pump. It is equipped with carry handles on each side which make it easy to turn over and shift into the most useful position. The top surface of the mattress comprises four large bags which are filled with loose plastic balls, sitting beneath an elastic top cover which zips around the outside edge of the mattress. The bottom surface has a curved shape which causes it to rock gently when moved. The different behaviours of the top and bottom of the mattress make it the ideal solution for various types and levels of balance training.  For ease of use and convenience the mattress cover can be removed using a zip and washed in a washing machine, while the mattress as a whole can be stored vertically in a convenient spot when not in use.

  • Available in Black
  • Replacement cover available



The Protac MyBaSe® is highly effective at training and improving body awareness, muscle tone and balance. Whether lying on the mattress, rolling around, bouncing or sitting, the user will experience the pressure of the balls within the mattress providing stimulation to their sensory system. Placing the mattress with the curved surface down creates a slight rocking movement which can be used to help the user develop their balance. 

Supportive positioning that envelopes the body

The Protac MyBaSe® is extremely useful when positioning people with brain injuries. The pressure of the balls on the top surface of the mattress acts to alleviate spasticity and calm the body of the user. Protac MyBaSe® can also be used as a secure base for the correct placement of wheelchairs or to position people with paralysis. The loose distribution of the balls within the mattress means that the user will sink into the mattress slightly, feeling enveloped and comfortably supported. The surrounding airbed offers a secure base which enables users to relax their muscles and reach a point of calmness.

Cases :


Male resident, suffered early abuse and schizophrenic.


A sense-stimulating aid: Protac MyBase

Observed effect: "I use the mattress as a base where I can relax. In my daily life, I have many obsessive thoughts and a bad body image;  the mattress makes me calm enough to wind down and relax my muscles. It is nice that the effects last for some time after".


42-year old man, traumatic brain injury with pain and severe spasticity.


A sense-stimulating aid: Protac MyBase

Observed effect: One therapist says: "We use the mattress together with a ball blanket to promote his body awareness even more. It helps him to completely relax and we combine this with being able to stretch him better. When we stretch him, he stops humming which he always does otherwise, because he would get annoyed with being stretched".

Users in a Snoezelen room.


A sense-stimulating aid: Protac MyBase

Observed effect: One occupational therapist says: "I use the mattress on the stable side, where you can sink down into the balls and kind of float on the mattress. We mostly use it together with a project/film and some relaxing music. I find that those who use it are able to relax completely. Those who have tried it before often look for it first thing when they come back. One user stopped talking as soon as she got onto the mattress. She normally talks constantly;  I understand that as a sign that she feels secure.

The therapists use it on the stable side and often in combination with the Protac Ball Blanket®. One woman with anxiety and brain damage needed help calming down and using the MyBase was the only thing that could get her to relax and actually get in touch with herself physically, without her focusing on her anxiety the entire time".


9-year old girl with severe brain injury


A sense-stimulating aid: Protac MyBase

Observed effect: The girl is clearly happy when the staff asks whether she would like to lay down on the mattress. She normally sits in a wheelchair. When she lays on the mattress, she can make it move herself with small movements and she makes several happy sounds, babbles and smiles. She rests well and enjoys laying without the brace.

9-year old girl with severe mental retardation


She is often very restless, grabs hold of things and bites on everything. The girl is also very limit seeking with her body—she hits her head, arms and legs against everything.

A sense-stimulating aid:
 Protac MyBase

Observed effect: After she has used the mattress every day for the last two weeks, the staff have found that she is calmer and open and enjoys taking notice of herself. She bites less and he significantly less physical unrest during the day.


Child in occupational therapy


A sense-stimulating aid: Protac MyBase

Observed effect: A privately practising child occupational therapists says: "The kids love it. They work together fantastically with body positioning and balance. You can use it in many ways to train the understanding of the body that the child has".
10-year old boy: "Oh, it's like getting a massage— even though you're sitting completely still!"
8-year old boy: "It's the most fun and nicest mattress I've ever tried".
8-year old girl: "It's soft in a way, even though it's hard".


Recommended by specialists

Protac MyBaSe® is also used by therapists and professionals for sensory stimulation and sensory integration treatment. The mattress is curved on one side to challenge and train the user's balance, while the other side is more stable and suitable for gentler treatment. It can be used for motor training as it challenges and trains the sense of balance when the user rolls, crawls or walks on the mattress.  Protac MyBaSe® is also used in institutions, sensory rooms, therapy rooms and rehabilitation centres at hospitals and drop-in centres.


Protac MyBaSe® is available in black

Cover: 100% polyester

Filling: 50 mm EVA plastic balls & polystyrene granules