Protac MyFit®
Vest – Youth & Adult

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Protac MyFit®

Vest – Youth and Adult
Chest size 87 - 95 cm

The Protac MyFit® is a sense-stimulating vest ideally suited to young people and adults experiencing mental and physical unrest who need an aid to help them with staying calm, concentrating and learning.


Suitable for:

The Protac MyFit® is the ideal solution for young people and adults affected by physical unrest and hyperactivity. It can also be beneficial for patients with neurological conditions, sclerosis, Parkinson's disease and issues with pain.


Design and colours:

The elasticated material of the Protac MyFit® was chosen for the way in which it fits closely to the body of the wearer. The filling of the vest consists of plastic balls which are distributed along channels on the front and back, and the size and weight of the vest as a whole can be adapted according to criteria such as the age, weight and chest size of the wearer and the degree of sensory stimulation needed.  The full benefit of the sensory stimulation offered by the vest is achieved when it fits as closely to the body as possible, and adjustable laces at the back and side of each vest can be used to either tighten or extend the vest in order to achieve the optimum fit. For safety reasons, these laces are placed on the inner side of the vest. The Protac MyFit® is supplied in a range of sizes and a single colour, and the balls used for the filling are 25mm and 38mm.


The Protac MyFit® is ideally suited to young people and adults affected by feelings of anxiety and restlessness or who experience poor body awareness and difficulty concentrating. It stimulates the sense of touch of the wearer and their awareness of muscle and joint positions. It provides a comfortable and snug fit against the body and the weight and pressure it applies creates a distinct awareness of the body. This awareness alleviates anxiety and stress and helps to deal with hyperactivity.

Support for everyday activities

The Protac MyFit® makes it easier for young people and adults who are physically and mentally challenged to cope with the pressures of day to day living. Wearing the vest can promote feelings of calmness and increased powers of concentration in the school or workplace, as well as comforting and calming wearers who experience stress and anxiety. It can also minimise or completely alleviate aggressive and externalising behaviour, and while the user can choose how long they find it comfortable to wear the vest the soothing impact will continue to be felt.

Strengthening balance

The impact of conditions such as apoplexy and ataxia can be greatly reduced by wearing a Protac MyFit® as the stimulation offered by the balls helps to alleviate effects such as spasticity and involuntary movement.  

Pain relief

The improved body awareness prompted by wearing the vest enables the body of the wearer to relax, and this, in turn, can help to relieve pain and tension.

Calm and Concentration

The Protac MyFit® offers genuine benefits to young people and adults who have issues with concentration or other learning difficulties. Adults who find it difficult to concentrate can benefit from wearing a Protac MyFit® when engaged in reading, working at a computer or accessing education.

The Protac MyFit®  helps to cut aggression, anxiety and self-harming behaviour which benefits both the wearer and the people surrounding them. It can also help to improve the stability and balance of individuals who are being treated for brain damage.

Medical conditions:

Acquired Brain Injury

45-year old woman afflicted with apoplexy and paralysis of the left die of her body


A sense-stimulating aid: Protac MyFit

Observed effect: "It is much easier to get my left foot to land on the ground and to avoid having my foot twist like it tends to do. It must be because it has a positive effect on my spasticity. I'm able to notice my body much more when sitting and working; it's like I'm being helped to sit straighter. It's good strength training for me to go around with the vest on and it feels comfortable once you get used to it".


23-year old woman with frontal lobe brain injury and cognitive disorder


A sense-stimulating aid: Protac MyFit

Observed effect:
 A physical therapist says: "The patient can gather her thoughts better which improves her communication skills—we would absolutely like to try it for an extended period of time".


60-year old man with acquired brain injury.


A sense-stimulating aid: Protac MyFit

Observed effect:  A care assistant says: "He was very physically restless and often had a hard time staying calm. He has muscled twitching in his hands and feet. He is also very irritable, boisterous and sometimes externalising. After getting the vest, his behaviour has changed drastically. He puts on the vest in the morning because he is very boisterous at that time of day. 15 minutes will pass and he will be less irritable, have less twitching in his body and calms down by taking a seat. The patient hold on to the vest all day, as he often gets very restless when it is taken off. If you ask him about what he thinks of having the vest on, he says that it is nice to wear it.
It's encouraging for the others around to see how much comfort and calmness it gives our residents".


9-year old boy with Asperger syndrome


A sense-stimulating aid: Protac MyFit

Observed effect:  A child therapist said: "He simply did not want to take the vest off once he felt what it was like to have it on". 


11-year old boy with infantile autism and mental retardation.

He is very sensation seeking.

A sense-stimulating aid: Protac MyFit

Observed effect: A teacher says: "He's worn the vest several times everyday when in school. He participates more in class activities and he is calmer and more collected".

Difficulty concentrating

52-year old woman with difficulty concentrating on her sedentary work

A sense-stimulating aid: Protac MyFit ball vest

Observed effect: "I notice that I'm able to concentrate for longer than I used to. And I'm breathing more deeply".

Multiple sclerosis

32-year old woman with multiple sclerosis and alcohol problem.

Admitted to rehabilitation. She is restless, easily distracted, has dyssomnia and complains that she has diffuse pain in her hip and back. The woman has mild ataxia (irregular muscle tension) in her left arm. She prefers to avoid situations where the are many people, as she finds it uncomfortable. The woman does not drink during her time in rehabilitation and has withdrawal symptoms.

A sense-stimulating aid: Protac MyFit

Observed effect: The woman has tried the vest for three and a half weeks and seems to the staff to be noticeably calmer. She can pay attention for long periods of time when participating in activities. Without the vest on, she spoke very loudly, was physically restless and would distract the other participants. Now that she has the vest on, the other users comment that she is much more calm and less distracting".


37-year old woman with back problems. 


A sense-stimulating aid: Protac MyFit ball vest

Observed effect: "My body feels very relaxed when I have the vest on and the pain is gone. It's warm, but not too hot. It makes me feel grounded in a way so that I can better collect my thoughts. It fits me just right"

Parkinson's disease

73-year old man with Parkinson's disease. 


A sense-stimulating aid: Protac MyFit ball vest

Observed effect: "I use the vest throughout the day, when I play piano, write by hand and do practical things at home. The vest gives me a feeling of greater inner peace during all of these activities, and also the feeling that I'm doing them very well. It gives me a sense of security, grounding, deeper and relaxed breathing and a straighter posture".

Physical unrest among children

12-year old boy.

A sense-stimulating aid: Protac MyFit

Observed effect: "He uses the vest at times when he feels restless and irritable. It's clear that the weight and the balls calm him down and help him to better notice himself".


7-year old boy.


A sense-stimulating aid: Protac MyFit

Observed effect: "When we got to borrow the vest for a weekend, the whole weekend was completely different and peacefully for all of us, and the vest is definitely the explanation for it".

11-year old boy with physical unrest.

A sense-stimulating aid: Protac MyFit

Observed effect: "I like having it on—it feels like someone is hugging you, but you can't have that all the time"!

7-year old boy with severe physical unrest, delayed motor skills development and very easily distracted.


A sense-stimulating aid: Protac MyFit

Observed effect: One occupational therapist says: "He's learned to ride a bike, among other things, because as he says: I can control my body better when I wear the Batman vest".

6-year old, restless boy.


A sense-stimulating aid: Protac MyFit

Observed effect: The occupational therapist says: "He thinks it's easier to sit still in his year 0 class when he wears the vest".

14-year old boy with ADHD.


A sense-stimulating aid: Protac MyFit

Observed effect: His parents say: "Peter wears the best at times when he feels restless and irritable. It's clear that the weight and the material calm him down so that he can better notice himself. I think that he has the same feeling what he's tucked in with his ball blanket".

Visually impaired children, ages 2-5.

A sense-stimulating aid: Protac MyFit
Observed effect: 
An occupational therapist at the school that the children go to says: "We use the vest for sensory-motor testing and many children would rather not take off the vest. They look so delighted and feel comfortable with it on".

Recommended by specialists 

Protac MyFit® is also used by therapists and specialists as an aid for sensory integration therapy and motor skill training for balance and coordination. The vest is also used in cognitive training, speech therapy and ADL training.


Protac MyFit® is available in 1 colour. Protac MyFit® is available in several sizes and models according to chest size and stimulation needs. The larger the balls and heavier the vest, the stronger the stimulation. Smaller sizes can be found under the menu option Child

Cover: 100% polyester

Colours available: