Protac MyFit®
Vest - Child

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Protac MyFit®

Vest - Child
Chest size 56-61cm

Protac MyFit® is a wearable, stimulating vest which is designed for children impacted by mental and physical unrest, and will help them to stay calm, concentrate and access learning


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The Protac MyFit® vest is ideally suited to children who are affected by feelings of insecurity, difficulty concentrating or poor body awareness. It stimulates the sense of touch of the wearer and their awareness of muscle and joint positions. It provides a comfortable and snug fit against the body and the weight and pressure it applies creates a distinct awareness of the body. This awareness alleviates anxiety and stress and helps to deal with hyperactivity.


Design and colours:

The elasticated material of the Protac MyFit® vest was chosen for the way in which it fits closely to the body of the wearer. The filling of the vest consists of plastic balls which are distributed along channels on the front and back, and the size and weight of the vest as a whole can be adapted according to criteria such as the age, weight and chest size of the wearer and the degree of sensory stimulation needed.  The full benefit of the sensory stimulation offered by the vest is achieved when it fits as closely to the body as possible, and adjustable laces at the back and side of each vest can be used to either tighten or extend the vest in order to achieve the optimum fit. For safety reasons, these laces are placed on the inner side of the vest.

The Protac MyFit® is available in a single colour and a wide range of sizes, and the balls used for the filling are a combination of 25mm and 38mm.

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About The Protac MyFit®

The Protac MyFit® makes it easier for children who are physically or mentally challenged to cope with the pressures of day to day living. The user can choose how long they want to wear the vest for, and its effects will last throughout the period. As well as a zip fastener the vest has laces which allow the tightness to be adjusted to exactly suit the degree of sensory stimulation desired by the individual wearing it, and these laces are positioned on the inside to prevent any risk of them catching or snagging while a child is playing. The Protac MyFit®    helps to cut aggression, anxiety and self-harming behaviour which benefits both the wearer and the people surrounding them.

The Protac MyFit®  is available in a range of sizes and models and the size of the balls inside the vest – and therefore the overall weight of the vest – can be tailored to suit each individual. In simple terms, a heavier vest offers more stimulation. Users can access Youth and Adults in the menu options to find the larger sizes available.

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Protac MyFit® vest is also used by therapists and specialists as an aid for sensory integration therapy and motor skill training for balance and coordination.

The Protac MyFit® vest is also used fro children and adults who find it difficult to work together, collect their thoughts and concentrate, for example during cognitive training, speech therapy or ADL training.

Protac MyFit® Vest - Child Specifications

Protac MyFit® is available in 1 colour. Protac MyFit® vest is available in several sizes and models according to chest size and stimulation needs. The larger the balls and heavier the vest, the stronger the stimulation. Larger sizes can be found under the menu option Youth and Adults and special model.

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