About Prism Healthcare

Prism Healthcare is a one-stop solution dedicated to transforming lives in the paediatric, home, and long-term care sectors. Across our group of companies, there is an extended selection of products and services crafted to elevate care quality, improve well-being, and transform lives.

We recognise the challenges faced by healthcare professionals, so we are committed to equipping them with the necessary tools for delivering outstanding care. Prism Healthcare is dedicated to simplifying the process for caregivers to offer exceptional care, foster learning, facilitate movement or recovery, and uphold independence.

As a manufacturer based in the UK, Prism Healthcare provides cost-effective and clinically proven products. Our diverse portfolio encompasses equipment designed for secure patient handling, bathing, accessibility, specialised seating, and pressure area care. These solutions empower healthcare professionals and enable individuals to maintain dignity while living life to the fullest, whether in their own homes or long-term care facilities.

Prism Healthcare stands out not only as a leading manufacturer and supplier of a comprehensive range of specialised equipment, but also as a proactive supporter of the care community. With a rich history, we understand that exceptional care goes beyond products alone. We are advocates for a holistic approach to care, offering a range of supplementary services, including assessment, training, installation, and service and repair.

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The Prism Healthcare Family

The Prism Healthcare group can assist those in need from youth to maturity. Together, we’re transforming lives for the better.

For safe patient handling, bathing and personal care solutions, please see Prism Medical UK.

For beds and pressure area care solutions, please see Harvest Healthcare.

For paediatric solutions, please see Smirthwaite.

For support in Ireland, please see Evolution Healthcare.

You can read more about Prism Healthcare and what we do on the Prism Healthcare website.