Sensory Products

Made by Protac®. Recommended by Repose.

Repose Furniture is proud to offer a range of sensory products designed to help stimulate and calm people of all ages with a range of mental and physical ailments.

As a business that values its reputation for delivering only the best products to its clients, Repose's enduring partnership with Protac® is a reflection of the quality you can expect from its entire range of sensory products.

Prism Healthcare is the sole UK distributor of Protac® products, which include popular weighted ball blankets, and calming MyFit® weighted vests. Take a look at the full range below:

Experience Comfort and Therapy with our Sensory Room Furniture

Embrace the essence of tranquility and innovation with Repose Furniture's High-Quality Sensory Room Furniture, expertly crafted to enhance the therapeutic experience. Our exclusive collection, developed in collaboration with leading experts, features bespoke designs that seamlessly blend functionality and comfort. Each piece is perfectly engineered to provide soothing sensory stimulation, catering to the diverse needs of individuals with sensory processing challenges. Discover the perfect fusion of style and sensory support with Repose Furniture, where quality meets mindfulness

Sensory Product FAQs

Sensory products stimulate the five senses - sight, sound, touch, taste and smell - they provide stimulation for people with disabilities, calming those with anxiety and enhancing their sensory experience. Examples of sensory products include ball cushions, weighted vests, textured toys, and light therapy lamps. Sensory products provide disabled people with a variety of physical, emotional and cognitive benefits. These sensory products are usually used in care homes, therapy rooms, and sensory rooms. 

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