Protac Ball Cushion™

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Protac Ball Cushion™


An expertly designed and constructed seat cushion which stimulates the senses and is the ideal solution for children or adults who find it difficult to sit still and concentrate.


Suitable for:

The Ball Cushion Square™ is suitable for use by both children and adults. In all cases it can alleviate balance problems, learning disabilities, hyperactivity, low muscle tone, physical unrest and hyperactivity.


Design, sizes and weight:

The Ball Cushion Square™ is a modification of the standard Ball Cushion. The main difference is the fact that the Ball Cushion Square™ has interior balls which are contained in 4 separate sections. This creates a more stable cushion which is very useful for users who experience more severe problems with balance. Balance issues of this kind may make the standard Protac Ball Cushion difficult to use, but the Ball Cushion Square™ deals with these balance issues while still providing all the standard Ball Cushion advantages.

The Ball Cushion Square™ which contains the larger balls – 38mm – offers maximum movement and sensory stimulation. Users who are looking for a less intense level of stimulation, however, are recommended to opt for the model which uses smaller balls – 25mm. Balls of this size in a Ball Cushion Square™  are more likely to be suited to users who are smaller in stature, weigh less or have greater sensitivity to the stimulation provided


Dynamic sitting posture

The Ball Cushion Square™ helps users to develop more dynamic posture which will improve their physical well-being at the same time as enabling better concentration and focus on the work being done. The process works because any movement on the cushion creates a small shift in the position of the internal balls. This shift will alter the centre of gravity of the person in the seat, prompting them to change their position and sit up straighter. Shifts of this kind have the effect of training the muscles in the abdomen, back and lumbar area. Over time, this muscle strengthening will increase muscle tone overall, delivering straighter posture and relieving some of the pressure normally placed on the spine, People who have to cope with extreme levels of restlessness will find that their restless shifting and movement is absorbed into the cushion, with the resulting movement improving posture in the manner set out above.

Better concentration and learning

The balls within the cushion provide a consistent source of stimulation throughout the period during which a person is sitting on it. This stimulation, and the sensory information being provided to the brain, helps to establish a clear awareness of the body. This, in turn, makes it easier to concentrate and focus on the tasks at hand and any new information provided.

Medical conditions/ Cases:

Children in motor skill training

Motor skills teacher who works with children


A sense-stimulating aid: Protac Ball Cushion

Observed effect: I hardly ever have the ball cushion with 25 mm balls at home. It's being borrowed all the time and with success. This goes for the ball cushion with 38 mm balls too. I use them differently and also recommend them for different purposes. 

I recommended the cushion with 25 mm balls for a prematurely born 4-year old who was very restless and unfocused. He had a hard time sitting and drawing and sitting still while eating. After he started using the cushion, he could sit still and finish an entire drawing with many small details. He also sits quietly at the table for as long as the meal lasts. He keeps the ball cushion with him throughout the day. People at his institution have also noticed his improvement. The boy has now gotten his own ball cushion with small balls through the municipality.

I often use the ball cushion with 25 mm balls on children who have very strong tactile sensitivity, on small children, children who don't weigh very much and on some children who are very restless.  I recommended using the ball cushion with 38 mm balls on school children up to 15 years in age,  strong children;  children with ADHD and children who have to be "woken up" through strong tactile stimulation. It is often the boys who have a hard time staying focused in school.

I've had a boy in care with ADHD who really benefited from using the cushion with 38 mm balls. It improved his concentration and posture when doing homework, school work and in general. I've also seen this with other school children who sit on the cushion with 38 mm balls. The cushion often helps the child in a less noticeable way, which says a lot.

Children with low arousal

2 and a half-year-old boy with all types of delays.


He has a low arousal level and needs to be woken/stimulated often in order to play or participate in activities. 

A sense-stimulating aid: Protac Ball Cushion

Observed effect:
 A kindergarten finds that a boy enjoys sitting on the cushion. They find that he has more energy and better concentration when sitting on the cushion. The boy sits on the cushion when he eat or when he makes something at the table. 

Difficulty concentrating among kindergarten children

4-year old boy.


He has a hard time paying attention when sitting and eating. it is a problem at kindergarten in relation to the other children, but also a problem at home.

A sense-stimulating aid: Protac Ball Blanket®

Observed effect: The boy tried using the cushion on a highchair and it helps him sit more quietly. They also place the cushion under his feet which makes him significantly more attentive and calmer, and he can keep up with what is happening at the table. 


10-year old boy diagnosed with ADHD.


He has mental and physical unrest as well as difficulty concentrating. The boy is very distracted in school—he is restless in his chair and rowdy.

A sense-stimulating aid: Protac Ball Cushion

Observed effect: Now the boy uses the ball cushion to help him sit still for longer periods at a time. He seems more focused and less rowdy. The boy uses the ball cushion for all activities that require him to sit still and concentrate.

Hypermobility and physical unrest

Two boys at special needs school.


They have a great deal of hypermobility and physical unrest. 

A sense-stimulating aid: Protac Ball Cushion

Observed effect:  The child therapists places the cushion on the seat and under their feet. It has an overwhelmingly positive effect on the boys' posture and their ability to sit still and concentrate. The school uses the Protac Ball Cushion during lessons, at meals and during activities where the children have to sit still and focus on their work.

Low muscle tone and poor posture

6-year old girl who goes to a speech therapist.


She has low postural muscle tone. She has a hard time sitting upright in a chair for a long time. She often falls down and slips onto the floor.

A sense-stimulating aid: Protac Ball Cushion

Observed effect: The girl can now sit and concentrate for half an hour, which is how long her therapy lasts, without getting tired or falling.

Physical unrest and difficulty concentrating

Year 0 schoolgirl.


She has a hard time concentrating and sitting still in her chair. She stands on her knees on the chair, lays across the table and turns and spins around. 


A sense-stimulating aid: Protac Ball Cushion 

Observed effect: The girl started sitting more calmly from day one. After a few days, it was clear that she could concentrate for longer periods of time and could sit quietly in her chair. She never lays across the table anymore. The girl can also tell the the cushion is helping her. When she arrives in the morning, she is normally the first to take her seat. If she plays on the computer or sits in a different play than she usually does, she goes off with her chair and cushion.


45-year old woman with multiple sclerosis.


She gets treatment for balance problems and fine motor control problems. She has a lot of pain in her lumber area.

A sense-stimulating aid: Protac Ball Blanket®

Observed effect:  The woman tries to sit on a ball cushion for 20 min. when she does rehabilitation on her hands. She notices pain relief in her lumbar area and trains her balance, as the flexibility of the balls makes it easier for her to move around on the cushion.

Recommended by specialists

The Protac Ball Cushion™ is also used to assist with balance problems and train muscle tone in occupational therapy and physical therapy.


Cover made in 100% Polyester

Colours available: