Our Team

Lisa Elcocks team photo

Lisa Wardley

Managing Director

David Elcocks team photo

David Elcocks

Production & Development Director

John Elcocks our team photo

John Elcocks

Special Projects Director

Keith Fairhurst our team photo

Keith Fairhurst

Commercial Director

Hannah Elcocks our team photo

Helena Elcocks

Field Sales Consultant

Ben Westcott our team photo

Ben Westcott

Field Sales Consultant

Julie Underhill our team photo

Julie Underhill

Senior Internal Sales Consultant

Sophie Small our team photo

Sophie Small

Internal Sales Consultant

Jody Tiley our team photo

Jody Tiley

Production Office Manager

Emily Husband our team photo

Emily Husband

Customer Service Manager

Blake Hissey our team photo

Blake Hissey

Customer Service Advisor

Kayleigh Perkins our team photo

Kayleigh Perkins

Transport Administrator

Jade Jordan our team photo

Jade Jordan

Account Administrator

Michelle Floyd our team photo

Michelle Floyd

HR & Directors PA

James Hewitt our team photo

James Hewitt


Ryan Evans our team photo

Ryan Evans


Abbey Perkins Repose

Abbey Perkins


Amy Worsey our team photo

Amy Worsey

Credit Controller

Meet the team who are at the start of making your chair:

These are some of the skilled girls who sew your chair / beds

Repose skilled chair and bed sewer
Repose skilled chair and bed sewer 2
Repose skilled chair and bed sewer 3
Repose skilled chair and bed sewer 4
Repose skilled chair and bed sewer 5
Repose skilled chair and bed sewer 6
Repose skilled chair and bed sewer 7

Meet some of the upholsterers who upholster your furniture:

Repose skilled upholsterer
Repose skilled upholsterer 2
Repose skilled upholsterer 3
Repose skilled upholsterer 4
Repose skilled upholsterer 5
Repose skilled upholsterer 6
Repose skilled upholsterer 7
Repose skilled upholsterer 8

Meet the team who deliver your chairs:

They are an experienced delivery team offering direct home deliveries, as well our stand delivery.

John Bradnick our team photo

John Bradnick

Transport Manager

Dale Lower

Dale Lower


Craig Hollyhead

Craig Hollyhead