Adult Protac Ball Blanket™

Adult Protac Ball Blanket™

140 x 200 cm

The Protac Ball Blanket™ is a widely recognised aid for the alleviation and relief of sleep disorders and psychological and motor unrest among children, adults, and the elderly.


Suitable for:

The blanket is the ideal solution for young people and adults coping with issues such as physical and mental unrest, hyperactivity, lack of body awareness and sleeping problems. It has also been shown to have a hugely positive effect on people with ADHD, low muscle tone and spasticity, among a range of other conditions.


Design, sizes and weight:

The adult Flexible blanket is available in a range of models weighing from 7kg to 11kg. It is filled with plastic balls which quietly provide sensory stimulation and a feeling of comfort for the user. The balls are contained within easily removable bags, making it simple to wash the blanket in a domestic washing machine.

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Easing the user to sleep

The Protac Ball Blanket™ is a product with a widely recognised reputation for providing relief and alleviation to users who have trouble sleeping. The balls which are located within the internal bags stimulate a range of senses including touch, muscle and joint position. This stimulation promotes feelings of calmness and a sense of security. The better body awareness created by the sensory stimulation of the adult Flexible blanket will enable users to fall asleep more easily and enjoy better and deeper sleep.


Deep, undisturbed sleep

The scattered distribution of the balls within the Flexible blanket, and the space which they have to shift around, means that they can provide pressure which is varied and often concentrated on specific areas. Any movement by the sleeper beneath the blanket will cause the balls to shift, changing the distribution of pressure and sending varying stimulation to the brain. Sensory variation of this kind throughout a period of sleep will help to calm any feelings of insecurity and anxiety, triggering deeper sleep and reducing the incidence of restlessness and nocturnal awakenings. Deep and uninterrupted sleep is not merely a pleasant occurrence, it also helps with the well-being and day to day functioning of the person using the blanket

Medical conditions:

Recommended by the experts

Therapists and professionals use the Protac Ball Blanket™ as a tool for sensory stimulation and sensory integration treatment.


Cover made in 100% cotton