Junior Protac Ball Blanket™

Junior Protac Ball Blanket™

100 x140 cm


The Protac Ball Blanket deals with a range of sleeping problem as well as helping with issues such as mental and physical unrest, hyperactivity and a general lack of body awareness.


Suitable for:

The Flexible version of the Junior Protac Ball Blanket™  is suitable for children aged 1 to 5 and has a proven track record of helping those who have difficulty sleeping.  The blanket is the ideal solution for children who have to cope with a range of issues including physical and mental unrest, hyperactivity, lack of body awareness and sleeping problems. It also offers hugely positive benefits for children with ADHD, low muscle tone and spasticity, among a range of other conditions.


Design, sizes and weight:

The Flexible Blanket for children weighs 4 kg and is available with or without a flame retardant cover. In both cases the blanket itself contains removable bags filled with weighted plastic balls, and both models can safely be washed in a standard domestic washing machine.

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An aid to deeper sleep

The Protac Ball Blanket™ is a product with a widely recognised reputation for providing relief and alleviation to children who have trouble sleeping and the carers responsible for those children. The balls which are located within the internal bags stimulate a range of senses including touch, muscle and joint position. This stimulation promotes feelings of calmness and a sense of security. The better body awareness created by the sensory stimulation of the Junior Flexible blanket will enable users to fall asleep more easily and enjoy better sleep.


Deep, undisturbed sleep   

The scattered distribution of the balls within the Flexible Blanket, and the space which they have to shift around, means that they can provide pressure which is varied and often concentrated on specific and ever-changing areas. Any movement by the child sleeping beneath the blanket will cause the balls to shift, changing the distribution of pressure and sending varying stimulation to the brain. In addition to this, each Flexible Blanket comprises four sections which contain weighted plastic balls held in sealed pockets. The individual sections of the blankets are interchangeable, which means that the blanket as a whole can be customised to suit the individual needs of each child and the degree of sensory stimulation required. This flexibility is underlined by the shifting nature of the balls themselves, which helps to create constantly changing sensory stimulation.

Sensory variation of this kind throughout a period of sleep will help to calm any feelings of insecurity and anxiety, triggering deeper sleep and reducing the incidence of restlessness and nocturnal awakenings. Deeper sleep with fewer interruptions is not merely pleasant for child and carers alike, it is also vital for the wider well-being and ability of the child to learn and develop as they should.

Medical conditions:

Recommended by the experts

Nurses, health visitors, therapists and parents all recommend the Protac Ball Blanket™. The blanket alleviates hyperactivity and stress and has a positive effect on children's sensory integration and motor skills. It can be used at night as a regular blanket or during the day to provide much-needed breathing space.


Cover made in 100% cotton