Junior Protac Ball Blanket™

Fabric Shown:

Junior Protac Ball Blanket™

100 x 140 cm

The Protac Ball Blanket deals with a range of sleeping problem as well as helping with issues such as mental and physical unrest, hyperactivity and a general lack of body awareness.


Suitable for:

The Junior Protac Ball Blanket™ is suitable for children between the ages of 1 and 5. It is widely recognised to offer relief for children in this age range who are having difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep. The weighted balls contained within the blanket create a comfort zone within which the senses of touch, muscle and joint position are all stimulated. Stimulation of this kind helps to create a sense of calmness and feelings of security, with a better body awareness which makes falling asleep much easier.


Design, sizes and weight:

The Clam Blanket weighs 3.5kg and is constructed using a series of parallel channels which are filled with weighted but silent plastic balls. Following use, the Calm Blanket can safely be washed in a standard domestic washing machine.

About The Junior Protac Ball Blanket™

Easier to fall asleep

The Protac Ball Blanket™ is widely recognised for the relief and alleviation which it offers to children who have trouble sleeping. The balls which are located within the internal compartments of the blanket stimulate the sense of touch, muscle and joint position, promoting a sense of security by creating a feeling of calm. The weight of the balls within the blanket enhances body awareness and this helps children to fall asleep more easily.


Deeper sleep

The distribution of the weighted balls within the channels which make up the structure of the Calm Blanket enable them to shift to a degree as the child shifts beneath the blanket. This movement causes subtle changes in the distribution of the pressure the child feels, and these slight changes vary the stimulation provided to the brain. This variation helps to alleviate anxiety and insecurity, which in turn encourages the child to sleep more deeply and with less likelihood of restless sleep and night-time awakenings. Deeper sleep with fewer interruptions is not merely pleasant, for child and carers alike, it is also vital for the wider well-being and ability of the child to learn and develop as they should.


Medical conditions:

Recommended by the experts

Nurses, health visitors, therapists and parents all recommend the Protac Ball Blanket™ The blanket alleviates hyperactivity and stress and has a positive effect on children's sensory integration and motor skills. It can be used at night as a regular blanket or during the day to provide much-needed breathing space.


Cover made in 100% cotton