Protac SensCircle®

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Protac SensCircle®

The SensCircle is a multi-function cushion which aids with a range of activities as well as promoting relaxation and good posture.


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The key attribute of the Protac SensCircle® is the flexibility it offers to every user. The nine sections can be bended and folded into place and the 250cm length means that it can completely enclose the user. This makes it the perfect tool for conflict resolution, with an effect which is simultaneously calming and stimulating, alleviating anxiety, stress and distress in the user.


Design and sizes

The design of the Protac SensCircle® incorporates a filling which is made of plastic balls and polystyrene granules, each chosen for their individual properties. The middle section contains the 50mm plastic balls which are there to stimulate the senses, while the outer sections are filled with soothing granules which are soft and create a comfortable surface to rest upon. The fact that the sections can be removed and adjusted means that the Protac SensCircle®  offers genuinely flexible levels of personalised stimulation.

The cover of each Protac SensCircle®  is made of 100% polyester and comes in a choice of three contemporary colours – aqua, lime and dark grey.

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Recommended by specialists 

The practical impact of the Protac SensCircle®  has led to specialists and therapists turning to it when caring for people of all ages with physical and mental unrest and disabilities. The versatility of the Protac SensCircle® is underlined by the fact that it has been successfully used with children and young people in special needs schools, to aid the correct positioning of elderly people and those with neurological conditions and in the process of work ability testing for adults.


Protac SensCircle® is available in three modern colours.

Cover: 100% polyester

Filling: 50 mm EVA plastic balls & polystyrene granules

Colours available: