Protac Sensit®
Straight / High back

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Protac Sensit®

Straight / High back

A sense-stimulating easy chair for those with physical and mental unrest, which has been designed especially for users who experience difficulty sitting and standing unaided.


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The stylish design of the Protac Sensit® Straight / High back enables it to blend seamlessly with existing furnishings in environments such as care homes, activity centres, psychiatric centres, hospitals and supported housing. It is also the ideal solution for use in specialised settings such as sensory and therapy rooms, as well as nurseries, schools and private homes. People impacted by conditions including dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, brain injuries, developmental learning disabilities, and deaf blindness can also benefit from the unique properties of the Protac Sensit® Straight / High back.


Design and colours:

The Protac Sensit® Straight / High can be purchased in 3 colours and replacement washable covers are available. For added security it also has an incontinence cover on the seat.

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The Protac SenSit® Straight / High Back is a comfortable and stylish chair but much more besides. Its unique design acts to stimulate the sensory system of the user, and the height and angle of the seat have been chosen with those users who find it difficult to stand or sit down unaided in mind.

The chair has a foam core which combines with a mouldable, sense-stimulating ball filling inside the seat, back, neck pillow and side flaps to create maximum comfort in both the sitting and reclining positions. The balls which are present help to stimulate the sense of touch, muscle and joint of the user, while the weight and pressure work to create a sense of security and heightened body awareness.

Medical conditions:

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Protac SenSit® Straight/ High back is used in hospitals, care homes and institutions and has a positive effect on restoring self-sufficiency and rehabilitation.


Protac SenSit® is available in 3 modern and practical colours. Puffs of matching colour and material are also available for purchase.

Protac SenSit® Straight/ High back and Protac SenSit® Puff are sold separately. Protac SenSit® Straight/ High back can be used by itself without Protac SenSit® Puff but we do recommend using the two products together for the best sensory integrating effect.

Colours available: