Adult Protac Ball Blanket™ Granulate (adult)

Adult Protac Ball Blanket™

Granulate (adult)
140x200cm (adult). Sectioned into pockets

The Protac Ball Blanket™ is a widely recognised aid for the alleviation and relief of sleep disorders and psychological and motor unrest among children, adults, and the elderly.


Suitable for:

The Protac Granulate Blanket is particularly recommended for those with dementia, mental and physical unrest, sleeping problems, pain and neurological disorders, and is suitable for use by people aged 5 and over. It offers many of the benefits of the classic Protac Ball Blanket™ through stimulation which is lighter than that offered by the standard plastic balls.


Design, sizes and weight:

The Protac Granulate Blanket is available in models weighing 4kg to 5kg and is available with or without flame retardant covers. The construction of the blanket takes the form of 40 sectioned pockets, each of which is filled with granules consisting of polypropylene balls. For ease of use the Granulate Blanket can be separated into two halves down the middle, making it simple to wash in a standard domestic washing machine.

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About The Adult Protac Ball Blanket™

Relief from pain and cognitive impairment

The polypropylene balls contained within the 40 sectioned pockets which make up the Protac Granulate Blanket enable it to firmly enclose the body of the user, creating a feeling of snug comfort and providing mild stimulation to the sensory system.  The blanket provides a soothing environment with just enough stimulation of the senses to promote better sleep for people experiencing chronic pain and cognitive impairment. As well as easing feelings of anxiety and stress the unique nature of the blanket makes it an ideal aid for improving the positioning and posture of the person using it.


Improved sleep for the people who need it most

Elderly people with dementia often appreciate the feelings of familiarity and security triggered by the Protac Granulate Blanket, as it reminds them of the heavier blankets often used in the days before the duvet came to rule the roost. In addition to this, the sensory stimulation offered by the blanket enables users to develop a better sense of their body and its position, not to mention the limits of how it can move and what it can do. This, in turn, promotes calmness and feelings of safety and security. The kind of deeper, uninterrupted sleep which a Protac Granulate Blanket is likely to offer will play a huge role in helping the user to feel refreshed and able to function more easily through day to day life.

Medical conditions:

Recommended by the experts

Therapists and professionals use the Protac Ball Blanket™ as a tool for sensory stimulation and sensory integration treatment.


Cover made in 100% cotton