Protac GroundMe®

Protac GroundMe®

A stimulating, sensory driven footstool and cushion which helps to alleviate restless leg syndrome, hyperactivity and difficulty in concentrating.


Suitable for:

The Protac GroundMe® is equally suited to children and adult alike. In all cases, the unique construction of the product and the innovations it contains can help users to cope with balance problems, learning disabilities and physical unrest. The foot cushion can also be of benefit to those with ADHD, autism and restless legs syndrome.


Design, sizes and weight:

The foam underside of the Protac GroundMe® provides stability, enabling it to sit safely and sturdily on any given surface. Carrying straps offer complete and easy portability and when it’s not in use the Ground Me can simply be hung from a wall hook. The upper layer of each Ground Me comprises a pocket of loose plastic balls which are contained beneath an elastic top cover and they come in two different heights, 10cm and 20cm, with the 20cm model being best suited to use as a floor cushion.


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About The Protac GroundMe®

The Protac GroundMe® is a footstool with a massive difference. That difference is the fact that it offers a dynamic solution for children, adults and the elderly who find it difficult to sit still and concentrate for prolonged periods due to psychological and motor restlessness. The construction of the cushion, and the inclusion of weighted plastic balls, offers on-going stimulation to the tactile and proprioceptive senses of the user. This encourages a sense of calm concentration and a better approach to learning. In addition, the cushion encourages an advantageous and dynamic sitting posture, especially when used in conjunction with the Protac Ball Cushion ®. Better posture and help with restless feet play their part in encouraging prolonged and focused concentration.

Protac GroundMe Cases:

Recommended by the experts

Therapists and specialists use the foot cushion as an aid for motor skill training. For example, it can be used as part of a motor skills obstacle course that challenges and trains balance and coordination.


Sizes 10cm and 20cm high

Cover made in 100% Polyester

Colours available: