Protac MyFit®
Vest – Special Model

Fabric Shown:

Protac MyFit®

Vest – Special Model
Shoulder opening chest size 87 - 95 cm

The Protac MyFit®  helps to stimulate the senses of wearers experiencing motor and psychological unrest, and can play an important role in easing stress, anxiety and hyperactivity. The weight and pressure of the vest, allied to the close fit to the body of the wearer, helps to establish a clear boundary of the body and this, in turn, promotes a sense of calmness.


Suitable for:

The Protac MyFit® is the ideal solution for young people and adults affected by physical unrest and hyperactivity. It can also be beneficial for patients with neurological conditions, sclerosis, Parkinson's disease and issues with pain.


Design and colours:

The elastic material used to make each Protac MyFit® ensures that it fits snugly to the body of the wearer and the design is stylish and contemporary. Along the front and back of the vest run compartments which hold weighted plastic balls. It is these balls which help to create the feeling of sensory stimulation, and laces on the side of the vest enable the user to adjust it to achieve the optimum fitting. The Protac MyFit® is available in several sizes and models, and wearers can choose the combination which is best suited to their chest size and the degree of stimulation sought.

The Protac MyFit® is available in a single colour and a range of sizes, and the balls used for the filling are 25mm. Users can access Children in the menu options to find the smaller sizes available.

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About The Protac MyFit® Vest

The Protac MyFit® is ideally suited to young people and adults affected by feelings of anxiety and restlessness or who experience poor body awareness and difficulty concentrating. It stimulates the sense of touch of the wearer and their awareness of muscle and joint positions. It provides a comfortable and snug fit against the body and the weight and pressure it applies creates a distinct awareness of the body. This awareness alleviates anxiety and stress and helps to deal with hyperactivity.

Medical conditions:

Recommended by specialists

Protac MyFit® is also used by therapists and specialists as an aid for sensory integration therapy and motor skill training for balance and coordination. The vest is also used in cognitive training, speech therapy and ADL training.


Protac MyFit® is available in 1 colour. Protac MyFit® is available in several sizes and models according to chest size and stimulation needs. The larger the balls and heavier the vest, the stronger the stimulation.  Smaller sizes can be found under the menu option Children.

Cover – 100% Polyester

Colours available: