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Protac KneedMe


A sense-stimulating knee blanket which is ideal for anyone experiencing physical and mental unrest needing help with alleviating this uneasiness in the mind and body while engaged in sitting activities.


Suitable for:

The Protac KneedMe® To Go stimulates the sense of touch, muscle and joint position in a way which offers users complete peace of mind, and of body. It is suitable for young people from the age of around 10 years and up and is the ideal solution for those situations in which keeping still and concentrating are vital. Whether the user is at school, in the car or cinema, in front of the computer or the TV, at a meeting or around the dining room table, the use of Protac KneedMe® gives a greater sense of calm and improved focus.


Design and colours:

The Protac KneedMe® To Go is available in 3 attractive colours. The knee blanket itself can be folded into a bag and carried by its handles or by a shoulder strap, which is supplied. The pockets on the blanket can be accessed from all sides and can also be used for storage. The non-slip coating in place on the back of the blanket ensures that it stays in place on the thighs. Protac KneedMe® To Go is also available in a smaller version for younger children.

  • 3 colours available
  • Replacement covers available


The Protac KneedMe® To Go  is a knee blanket which is designed and constructed to help users cope with motor and psychological unrest when placed over the knees, thighs and abdomen.  The weight and pressure create by the knee blanket helps to foster a calming sense of security by clearly defining the boundary of the body. Young people suffering from issues such as hyperactivity or ‘restless leg syndrome’ will often find themselves having to cope constantly with restless legs and feet, and the blanket can help with this. It can be utilised for seated activities throughout the day, and the non-slip material on the back of the blanket helps to keep it in place on the knees and thighs.

The knee blanket is particularly useful in relation to activities such as personal hygiene and eating situations when the user is feeling insecure.

Seated activities

Protac KneedMe® To Go is filled with small plastic balls and it is the weight and pressure provided by these balls which helps to calm the user by creating a clear and distinct sense of the limits of the body. This in turn helps to alleviate feelings of anxiety and any hyperactivity.  The knee blanket is laid across the thighs and knees and can be used for all sitting activities. If the user has troubled and busy hands then they can be placed and concealed within the exterior pockets of the knee blanket, and these pockets are large enough to accommodate a device such as a smart phone or tablet.

Help in everyday life

The design of the Protac KneedMe® To Go combines aesthetic appeal and style with practicality and functionality. The pockets are ideal for storage and once the knee blanket has been folded it can be used as a bag and easily carried through the many activities making up a typical busy day.

Medical conditions:

Acquired brain injury

40-year old man, traumatic brain injury from a motorcycle crash.


Sits in an electrical wheelchair and cannot actively move his body with the exception of blinking his eyes.

A sense-stimulating aid: Protac KneedMe  

Observed effect: The man uses the knee blanket when using his wheelchair, as he would otherwise tighten up very badly in his lower extremities (legs). His muscle spasms were once so intense that he got cramps in his lower extremities (legs). When using the knee blanket, he is able to notice himself when using his wheelchair, which makes him less anxious and makes his muscles less tense. The man has also started using the Protac Ball Blanket® at night and during midday rests. The results have been that he is easier to mobilise, dress and subsequently move.


62-year old woman with Alzheimer's and dementia.


She has severe physical, mental and cognitive impairment and depression. The woman is very bothered by her physical and mental unrest. She finds it increasingly difficult to handle a lot of sensory stimulation and easily becomes over-stimulated. This can be seen through her intense physical movements and loud, angry voice. The woman now stays mostly in her own room because she needs to have a barrier.

A sense-stimulating aid: Protac KneedMe

Observed effect: The woman has a hard time accepting being handled and turned in her bed as part of her personal care. This is why she is given the Protac KneedMe right after her morning care. She has the option of staying in beg with the knee blanket on or going over to an armchair where she can also have the knee blanket on. She starts to feel secure and calm.

If she is restless in the early morning, she is given the knee blanket and her morning care is put on hold until she is calm and more comfortable.

The woman has a Huntington's disease chair which she uses daily with her knee blanket. She is often smiling, relaxed and at ease. When someone enters her room, she often turns her head and greets them with a smile or a soft sound and attentive "speaking". Meals go better than before when she has the knee blanket on.


Woman in her mid-seventies with Lewy Body dementia


She is a wheelchair user and needs help and support for all of her daily activities. She has Parkinsonian movement disorders, fluctuating attention and sometimes hallucinates. When mentally restless, she can become boisterous and make a constant monotonous noise.

A sense-stimulating aid: Protac KneedMe

Observed effect: The woman has used the Protac KneedMe for several months. The aim was to enable her to spend time with others and participate in musical activities. Right from the start it was clear that the knee blanket had a positive effect. She became more attentive when in contact with others, focused on music and the monotonous noise she made was replaced with occasional humming along with a song. 
The knee blanket is now used in several ways, both for preventive purposes and to promote calmness. The effect has been generally less physical and mental unrest. It boosts the user's well-being. Her facial expressions have relaxed, she makes fewer self-stimulating noises and sometimes she makes eye contact, smiles and "speaks" a few words. 


Woman in her mid-eighties, diagnosed with Alzheimer's.


The woman tends to exhibit verbal self-stimulatory behaviour and has strong perseveration with the noises she makes. She is almost insistently singing and loud in her conversations with herself.

A sense-stimulating aid: Protac KneedMe

Observed effect: The woman was given the Protac KneedMe right after her morning care in order to prevent the escalation of her noises/self-stimulatory behaviour. Right when she first tried the knee blanket it was already clear that it made her calm; her vocal pitch is lower and she gives more relevant answers when spoken to. After using the knee blanket, her facial expressions are gentler than usual. Now the woman sits with the knee blanket every day and usually several times throughout the day. 

Recommended by professionals

Protac KneedMe® is also used by therapists and professionals as an aid to motor training. Protac KneedMe® benefits from cooperation and attention for cognitive training and treatment.


Protac KneedMe® To Go is available in 3 smart colours. Protac KneedMe® To Go is also available in a smaller version for children.

Cover: 100% polyester

Filling: 38mm EVA plastic balls

Colours available: