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Protac KneedMe


A sense-stimulating knee blanket which is ideal for anyone experiencing physical and mental unrest needing help with alleviating this uneasiness in the mind and body while engaged in sitting activities.


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The Protac KneedMe® stimulates the sense of touch, muscle and joint position. While simply resting on the lap and covering the knees and thighs of the user it helps to promote a sense of calm, enabling much improved focus and concentration. It is equally suited to young people, adults and the elderly, and among those who may find it particularly helpful are people with dementia, hyperactivity, physical unrest, Parkinson's disease and restless legs syndrome. At the same time, the Protac KneedMe® can be used by wheelchair users and can help to alleviate the hidden impacts of brain injuries and blood clots.


Design and size

The Protac KneedMe® is supplied in one size with a removable black cover featuring outer pockets. Each pocket opens up on two sides and has an interior clip which can be used to attach the item of your choice. Inside the cover is a removable plastic bag which contains a number of weighted plastic balls.

Replacement covers available

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About The Protac KneedMe

The Protac KneedMe® is a knee blanket which is designed and constructed to help users cope with motor and psychological unrest when placed over the knees, thighs and abdomen.  The weight and pressure create by the knee blanket helps to foster a calming sense of security by clearly defining the boundary of the body. People suffering from issues such as hyperactivity or ‘restless leg syndrome’ will often find themselves having to cope constantly with restless legs and feet, and the blanket can help with this. It can be utilised for seated activities throughout the day, or when using an armchair or wheelchair, and the non-slip material on the back of the blanket helps to keep it in place on the knees and thighs.

The Protac KneedMe® plays a vital role in the smooth day to day operation of many nursing homes, psychiatric units, supported housing, rehabilitation units, activity centres, day care institutions and sensory rooms, and is equally useful in a huge number of private homes. It is particularly useful during those activities – such as personal hygiene functions or eating situations – which might make the user feel particularly insecure.

Medical conditions:

Recommended by specialists

Protac KneedMe® is also used by therapists and specialists as an aid for motor skill training. Protac KneedMe® aids cooperation and awareness in cognitive training, nursing, ADL (Activities of Daily Living) or treatment following the Affolter-Bobath-Coombes concept.


Protac KneedMe® comes with a removable, black cover with outer pockets. The pocket opens up on two sides and has an inside clip for attaching your item of choice

Cover: 100% polyester

Filling: 38mm EVA plastic balls

Colours available: