Shieldplus Antibacterial Spray and Cleaner

Fast acting, effective, durable anti-microbial protection for leather and frabic surfaces. Proven to be effective against Coronavirus Strain.


Repose Furniture Now Sell Panaz Shieldplus Liquids

Shieldplus™ is not just available as a fabric but now as a protective solution. Shieldplus™ range offers the most advanced, modern anti-microbial products that afford long-term protection, essential for any location and any situation that demand the highest standard in hygiene.


Shieldplus™ cleaning and disinfection products are tested and approved against major harmful bacteria, viruses, mould and spores with a residue action of more than 90days and comprise of :

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Panaz Shieldplus Protect
Repose Furniture Shieldplus™ Liquid Solutions

5 Ltr
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Shield Plus Laundry
Repose Furniture Shieldplus™ Liquid Solutions

5 Ltr
RRP £32.00 +VAT
plus £9.95 p&p**

Click on the certificates above to see the Shieldplus™ test documents regarding the effectiveness against Coronavirus Strain

In Healthcare

Hospital acquired infections have been increasing globally at a significant rate. The impact such infections have on a patient safety, health and well-being brings distress to both them and their families. This burden to human welfare is compounded by the financial cost to the NHS in terms of service delivery not to the hospital alone but to the extended network of healthcare services with prolong inpatients stay, further treatments, outpatient consultations and subsequent visit to GPs and community care.

In Education

Educational facilities now host students from home countries and from a broad array of geographical locations around the world. It is essential that the facilities offered to them while they learn, socialise and sleep create the safest environment possible. The use of Shieldplus™ on furnishings and upholstery is an effective and durable anti-microbial answer to provide a barrier and reduce infection.

In The Workspace

In the Workspace As work environments change and become more mobile and collaborative, companies are providing shared spaces to offer a versatile and flexible mode of working. With the increase of shared workstation comes the need to minimize the spread of harmful bacteria.

Recent studies have indicated the following:

  • More than 10million germs are located around the average workstation, including seating
  • 72% of people report going to work despite being sick
  • 80% of infections can be transmitted by touch. Workers in open plan offices report taking
  • 63% more sick days than those in private offices.

In the Cruise & Hospitality Sector

Hospitality environments by their very nature are public areas and frequented by many people. Providing hospitality guests with a clean and secure environment can only enhance their experience and wellbeing and bring a sense of comfort to the hotel operations team. The costs associated with bacterial or virus outbreaks and the reputational damage it causes can be very significant. Any opportunity to minimise this risk by instigating a hygiene protocol along with protective fabrics will reduce damage significantly.

The Responsible Choice

Extensive testing and verification lie at the foundation of Panaz’s claims. Certificates demonstrating the speed, the efficacy and the safety of the products which are readily available. Including demonstrable effectiveness against the Nora and Coronavirus Strain.

Many antimicrobials are literally toxic. Shieldplus™ has been tested to ISO 10993-5:2009 Biological evaluation of medical devices Part 5: Test for into vitro cytotoxicity and proven non-toxic.

Panaz has conducted these tests to provide assurance that the final product is safe to use.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Bonded
    Resilient to high temperature and rigorous washing.
  • Permanent
    Durable for the useful life of most products.
  • No Migration
    Won’t leach into the environment or transfer to other articles or to the skin – no “zone of inhibition”.
  • Variety of end uses
    Can be applied to varying weight base cloths.
  • Active Hygiene
    Controls the development of dust mites by destroying some fungi necessary in the dust mite’s food chain.
  • Tried and tested
    No arsenic, heavy metals, polychlorinated phenols.
  • Not a chemical poison
    More than 30 years in the market.
  • Mechanical deactivation
    Does not induce microbial mutation or bioaccumulation.
  • Effective Quality Control
    Simple analytical and visible test is available to detect the presence of the anti-microbial.
  • Worldwide Registration
    Biocidal Products directive, EPA and OkoTex
  • Unmatched safety profile
    Not harmful for human and environments, important toxicity data is available.
  • Odourless and colourless

Route to infection

The route to infection are many and diverse and its difficult to quantify the role of the environment in the transfer of infection. Some research reports suggest that 9% of contamination is attributed to the immediate environment, other as much as 40%. The greatest risk for people in contamination is the immediate vicinity or from airborne particulates.

We all know that ‘cough’s and sneezes spread diseases’ but so do contaminated surfaces.

Coronavirus Covid19

*At 69.8F to 73.4F (21c to 23C) and 40% relative humidity

** At 71F and 65% relative humidity

How long the coronavirus Strain can live on a surface?

Surface Lifespan
Paper and Tissue paper**             3 hours
Copper*                     4 hours
Cardboard*                     24 hours
Wood**                     2 days
Cloth**                         2 days
Stainless steel*                     2-3 days
Polypropylene plastic*                 3 days
Glass**                         4 days
Paper money**                     4 days
Outside of surgical mask**           7 days 

Why is Shieldplus™ so effective?

The vast majority of anti-microbials work by migrating (or leaching) from the surface they are applied to. These conventional leaching types of anti-microbials such as silver and copper leave the textiles and chemically enter or react with the micro-organism, essentially acting as a poison. These can initially be effective, but they are soon used up and depleted in the process of working, washing, drying etc. This depletion can be harmful as it may encourage the micro-organism to mutate or become immune to the treatment.

Not only do they deplete but they also take too long to do their job (up to 4 hours) and they are environmentally harmful.

Our effective alternative, Shieldplus™, is a nano-technology, a non-migrating (non-leaching) anti-microbial protection that acts on the physical structure of the cell by piercing the cell wall. This non-migrating technology is based upon the application of a permanent coating on the textile. This coating destroys bacteria on contact. It is permanently attached to the textile: it attracts, pierces, deactivates, and electrocutes the biochemicals within each microbes or virus.

Panaz Science
Shieldplus Fabric Spray Liquid

Invisible protection for your upholstery

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“Spray onto new or freshly cleaned surfaces for a safe and easy to use unique anti-microbial surface treatment that lasts up to 90 days.”

Panaz Internal Shop R5 Me 30
Repose Furniture Shieldplus™ Liquid Solutions

5 Ltr
RRP £26.00 +VAT
plus £9.95 p&p**

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Easy to use

This water-based technology, forms an invisible, protective, layer delivering a unique anti-microbial barrier that kills bacteria immediately on contact and offers long-term protection.

It has been rigorously tested in British Laboratories and has been shown to destroy up to 99.9999% of bacteria, mould, fungi and viruses, including spore-forming organisms such as C Diff. Tested as effective for more than 90 days against microbes such as MRSA, C Diff spore and Legionella, the technology performs like a magnet attracting microbes onto the treated layer of product. When the bacterium comes into contact with this layer, the cell is ruptured, electrocuting the bio-chemicals within and killing the microbe on contact.

  • Transfer into a spray bottle for ease of application.
  • With a light application, this spray-on treatment provides a protective layer by suppressing bacteria, viruses and mould whilst simultaneously enhancing the stain resistant properties of the surface.
  • Shieldplus™ protect is for new and newly cleaned upholsteries and hard surfaces.
  • A spray application will protect the surface from microbes for over 90 days.
  • Apply a light spray directly onto hard surfaces or fabric, wipe over with a cloth or brush (depending on the surface) and allow to dry.
  • Then continue your normal cleaning regime during this period.
Shieldplus Laundry Liquid

Invisible protection
for your laundry

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“An effective anti-microbial treatment to add to your laundry wash cycle that is effective for up to 90 days or until your next wash. Also contains conditioner.”

Panaz Internal Shop R5 Me 33
Repose Furniture Shieldplus™ Liquid Solutions

5 Ltr
RRP £32.00 +VAT
plus £9.95 p&p**

For bulk puchases please
contact us on +44 (0)1384 567401
or email us at

As the name suggests, laundry brings all the benefits of Shieldplus™ protect to the washing cycle together with the added benefit of an integral fabric conditioner.

Shieldplus™ laundry will bring a new level of cleanliness to towels, sheets, pillowcases, and all aspects of laundry. Even more, this will have a long-lasting effect for 90 days. This unique laundry treatment will bring protect benefits to all areas of the environment.

Easy to use

  • Wash cloths as normal ensuring there is a rinse cycle.
  • Pour 1 capful per wash load straight into the rinse cycle drawer.
  • Dry fabrics as normal. Repeat every 90 days.
  • Repeat with every wash.
Repose New Hospital Chair Range

Your NEW CHAIR can be made with Shieldplus™ fabric

Call us on (01384) 567 401 to find out more

“Inherent properties means the Shieldplus™ stays with your chair for the duration of its life span – no need for any additional protection!”

Fabrics with Shieldplus™

There is sometimes a reticence among many healthcare professionals to use antimicrobial fabrics in a hospital environment.

This reticence is caused by fears of the very phenomenon that initially created the resistant microbe, namely, sub-lethal doses of antibiotic resulting in adaptive organisms and immunity to the antimicrobial agent.

Shieldplus™ can counter those concerns. It is a unique and enduring anti-microbial treatment employed on all Panaz healthcare upholsteries and on selected print basecloths.

Why unique?

It lasts and is effective for the life of the fabric

1. It does not wash out
2. It does not leach into the environment
3. It does not leach onto the skin
4. It stays on the fabric and remains effective

The benefit of all the above is that it does not deplete and is therefore not known to create adaptive organisms or create immunity to the agent.

  • It has the broadest reach of effectiveness – including the C Diff Spore!
  • Effective immediately upon impact with the microbe.
  • It is more environmentally considerate than other anti-microbials such as those containing metals such as silver and copper.

How does it work?

Unlike other anti-microbials, Shieldplus™ is a non-leaching technology. Almost all other antimicrobials (pesticides, fungicides, insecticides, disinfectants, sanitizers) act by leaching into the air or dissolving in a liquid to be absorbed by the microbe. Depending on the type of anti-microbial, the active ingredient is either dissipated rapidly or over a period of time - but all have a relatively short effective life.

Once inside the micro-organism conventional anti-microbials act by chemically poisoning, disrupting the life process or causing lethal mutation. The dosage is critical! Too little and the target organism is not controlled and can adapt. Too much and other living things can be harmed. By contrast, Shieldplus™ technology does not dissipate or leach. It is not absorbed by microbes or any other living things. Instead, it acts by rupturing the cell membrane of the micro-organism - when the microbe comes into DIRECT contact with the anti-microbial.

Shieldplus Sceinec

This rupturing interrupts the normal life processes and destroys the cell. The interruption is caused by two forces -the long chain chemical component and the positively charged nitrogen component. The first can be compared to a “sword”, the second to “electrocution”. Like a “sword”, the strength of Shieldplus™ is not used up or diminished when it acts. It can be used over and over again.

**Please note supply time can vary due to the Covid-19 situation, we will endeavour to ensure the products are delivered with 48 hours, Should the situation change we will contact you and advise accordingly.

*Protect: Surface with frequent, hard cleaning process will need the application applying every 4/6 weeks.