Mobility Issues: The Benefit of Switching to Repose Healthcare Chairs

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If you have mobility issues, getting the right kind of seating is essential. You need to be able to stand up and sit down with ease while remaining comfortable at the same time.

This is where Repose (a Prism Healthcare Company) healthcare chairs can help. They offer a host of benefits that could dramatically improve your quality of life.

Designed With Mobility in Mind

Repose healthcare chairs are designed with mobility in mind - something that helps both individual customers and healthcare providers. Our healthcare chairs feature a rise function that tilts the seat forward, helping the occupant get into the standing position more easily. This action is useful for those with weak hips, knees or patients recovering from serious injuries.

It’s also great for people who need to get from wheelchairs into a seated position on their chair. Having the ability to change the position of Repose chairs reduces risks for both care support staff and patients.


Healthcare recliner chairs can sometimes be expensive. In many cases, individuals and institutions can’t afford them.

Repose, however, builds quality and affordability into its seating options from the ground up. We work with suppliers to find low-cost alternatives that provide patients with better value. Repose also gives you control over payment terms, allowing you to overcome any budgetary limitations you might have.

Designed With the Patient in Mind

Repose designs their mobile chairs with the patient in mind. For instance, the foot elevation function improves oxygen flow and reduces the propensity for swelling and fluid retention around the ankles. It also assists recovery by reducing pressure on sore areas and supporting and repositioning the spine. Comfortable cushioning holds the skeleton in an ergonomic position and reduces joint fatigue.

Operating Repose healthcare chairs is easy. Each comes with a remote control that sends instructions to the motor units located in the base. This negates the need to reach around to the side or back of the chair to make adjustments.

In some situations, patients may require heavy-duty mechanisms to support their weight. Repose, therefore, equips some riser recliner chairs with more powerful motors to provide the necessary lift strength.

Additional Features That Suit Your Needs and Budget

Repose has more than twenty years of experience in making high-quality furniture for care homes, hospitals and individual customers. Our riser chairs come with a host of additional features designed to suit your needs and budget.

For instance, our healthcare chairs have high durability ratings, making them suitable for a range of environments, including the home and hospital settings. Our healthcare chairs are made from robust materials designed to withstand frequent use and friction.

Our healthcare chairs are also high-quality. We source over 95% of all our components from buy from renowned British companies who make materials of the highest possible quality. Our chairs are especially useful for medical purposes which is why they are so popular among medical settings in the UK.

Finally, Repose chairs help you meet healthcare manual handling requirements. While there are techniques for lifting and lowering patients safely, it's usually better to get machinery to do it for you. It’s safer and affords patients more dignity.

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