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    There are several different ways that the world at large can often misunderstand the realities of living with ADHD. It’s quite common for people to assume that ADHD is simply a term that applies to hyperactivity. However, the mistake of this preconception is that it ignores the underlying causes of the symptoms of ADHD.

    While hyperactivity and difficulty paying attention are absolutely symptoms of ADHD, much of the time these come from a place of sensory overload. By understanding this, we can begin to far more effectively provide support and treatment to those with ADHD through sensory stimulation. This blog post will explore how sensory equipment can benefit people with ADHD.

    The Important Role Sensory Equipment Plays for Those With ADHD

    While treatments such as stimulant medications and behavioural therapy are a vital part of the treatment of ADHD, the use of sensory stimulation can also provide a great number of benefits.

    There have been multiple studies that have shown that the use of sensory stimulation, also referred to as ADHD furniture, can have a highly positive effect on those living with ADHD. This includes an improvement to their attention span, a reduction in the presence of overactive thoughts, a reduction in general hyperactivity, and an improved ability to focus. There are multiple different varieties of sensory equipment available to both children and adults living with ADHD.

    Different kinds of sensory equipment will provide different varieties of support but they all provide a way for those with ADHD to gain a sense of calm and to reduce the sensory overlord that they can often experience.

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    Sensory Equipment Types Used

    Protac’s ADHD Product Range

    The Protac range of products are all designed to bring calm and comfort to those with ADHD by helping to stimulate and enhance their sense of touch.

    Sensory equipment like the Protac Ball Blanket not only helps them to develop greater awareness of their bodies, something that can make it easier to regulate hyperactivity, but it can also improve their ability to sleep. ADHD can cause a number of sleep problems and sensory equipment like the Protac Ball Blanket can make a huge difference to their quality of life.

    Likewise, the Protac SensOn Adult is a fantastic way to provide a sense of calm at any time. The sensory wrap contains small balls and is placed around the neck and shoulders. This makes it the perfect product for encouraging focus while working.

    Bubble Tubes

    Bubbles tubes are some of the most frequently found pieces of sensory equipment thanks to the benefits that they provide. The simple act of creating constant movement through the colour changing bubbles not only soothes and catches the eye, but this sensory equipment also encourages interaction and focus. The dual purpose of being both soothing and stimulating make a bubble tube an incredibly valuable piece of sensory equipment for those with ADHD.

    Fibre Optics

    Fibre Optic sensory equipment can be incredibly useful since they provide both visual stimulation thanks to the visual effect it creates, but fibre optic equipment is also safe to touch which both allows and encourages safe tactile stimulation. This is the kind of sensory equipment that can be placed in practically any environment, making it perfect for both sensory rooms and for use in more generalised environments.

    If you find yourself struggling with things like hyperactivity, an inability to focus, or a feeling of sensory overload, sensory equipment like this could well be of huge benefit to you in both allowing you to better function on a day-to-day level as well as creating a more soothing, comfortable environment.

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