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Protac’s sensory stimulation products are ideal for helping those living with dementia. Below is an informative guide on how these products work and the types of Protac products we offer here at Repose Furniture.

How Sensory Stimulation Products Help Those Living with Dementia

Studies show that sensory activities for dementia patients can have positive results. From using soothing music to calming scents, there are many ways in which stimulation of the senses can provide a sense of comfort and even trigger memories.

Sensory stimulation products, such as Protac products, serve the same function. They appeal to our sense of touch, using a combination of soothing textures and body weight support to help those with dementia feel calmer. This reduced anxiety can help those with dementia to feel more comfortable within any environment. This, in turn, can also reduce stress for the carer.

How Protac Products Can Help

Protac offers a range of dementia sensory products. Protac products are specially designed to provide comfort to users, relieving anxiety and other symptoms which may cause those with dementia to feel restless. Below are three Protac products that are ideal for those living with dementia.

The Protac Sensit®: How it Benefits Those with Dementia

The Protac Sensit® is a specially designed chair aimed at comforting those who may struggle to sit or stand on their own. The chair has a foam core, which is combined with a sense-stimulating ball filling. By stimulating the sense of touch while taking pressure off the body, it can help to relax the user while also encouraging a sense of heightened body awareness. For those with dementia, sensory Protac products such as the Protac Sensit® can ease physical discomfort and increase concentration.

The Protac Sensit® is available to buy in three colours. The seat is fitted with an incontinence cover and replacement washable covers are available.

The Protac KneedMe®: The Benefits It Provides Those with Dementia

The Protac KneedMe® is a sense-stimulating knee blanket. It rests over the user’s lap, covering the knees and thighs; - the weight and pressure help to create a calming sense of security. For those with dementia, this can help to relieve anxiety. Other conditions such as restless leg syndrome may also be relieved by this product. A removable black cover comes with the blanket which contains outer pockets for placing items of your choice.

This Protac KneedMe® supplied in just one size but is available in three colours: aqua, lime and dark grey.

The Protac SensOn®: How It Helps Those Living with Dementia

This sense-stimulating collar fits naturally around the neck and shoulders. Its soft texture and lightness encourage users to lower their shoulders and relax their neck. In helping to relieve tension, it can help those with dementia to feel more comfortable and at ease in their environment. Those with dementia who may have other ailments such as chronic pain may also find it beneficial.

The Protac SensOn® is available in three colours: light grey, lemon and black. It also comes in three sizes - XS/S and M/L sizes being the most suitable for adults.

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