4 Sensory Products Used to Benefit Those Living with Dementia

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    Protac Sensit High Back Chair

    Living with dementia can be challenging for the patient as well as the loved ones around them. The patient may experience significant changes as dementia progresses, including sensory loss.

    Sensory stimulation is a vital intervention for people living with dementia. Stimulating the senses helps the patient engage with their immediate surroundings, improving concentration, mood, and focus. Families can invest in dementia care products that can soothe and engage their loved one’s senses.

    Here are four sensory products that can support everyday living for people living with dementia.

    The Protac Sensit®

    Touch is one of the primary senses, perceived through the largest organ in the body: the skin. People living with dementia may have trouble processing tactile stimulation, leading to agitation and distress.  One sensory product that can help calm patients battling physical and mental restlessness is the Protac Sensit®.

    This sensory product chair contains weighted balls in the seat and back. It also includes a back neck pillow and side flaps that keep the user comfortable when sitting or reclining. The balls stimulate the sense of touch, increasing the user’s body awareness.

    Patients with dementia can benefit from tactile sensory stimulation, providing a feeling of calm and relaxation. Eliminating agitation and distress may also make it easier for the caregivers to look after the user.

    A Light Therapy Box

    People living with dementia often have trouble sleeping. Dementia can damage the region in the brain that regulates the sleep-wake cycle, resulting in sleeping disorders. Bright light therapy can help restore a patient’s natural sleep pattern.

    An external stimulus such as light therapy sensory products can reset the disruption of the circadian rhythm. A light therapy box produces full-spectrum light that can help lessen the sleep disorders common in patients with dementia.

    Fidget Spinners

    Fidget spinners are now among the most popular sensory stimulation toys for dementia patients. The small, hand-held sensory product has a ball bearing at the centre that allows users to spin the ‘arms’ around. The toy can provide sensory stimulation activities for dementia patients, calming them down.

    People living with dementia express fidgety behaviour more than the average person. Fidget spinners may provide a soothing experience for users, reducing their agitation and anxiety. The toys are easy to spin, keeping the hands busy for the agitated elderly adult.

    The Protac KneedMe

    The Protac KneedMe is a blanket filled with plastic, weighted balls and functions similarly to the Protac Sensit®. The user can place the blanket over their thighs, providing tactile, muscle, and joint sensation.

    The weight of the balls presses joints and muscles, stimulating the nervous system. The brain processes the sensory information to determine the body’s boundaries, resulting in a feeling of relaxation. Dementia patients can experience reduced anxiety that can help improve focus and concentration.

    Additionally, the Protac KneedMe also features a large pocket in which users can place their hands in. The shifting of the weighted balls can help calm restless hands. Dementia patients can read or relax on a sofa with this sensory product over their thighs.

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    Learn More About How Protac Products Are Helping to Improve the Quality of Life of Those Living with Dementia by Checking Out Our Guide

    People living with dementia may gradually lose their senses. Sensory stimulation toys and sensory products, such as those manufactured by Protac, can help provide a calm and relaxed environment for agitated patients. Learn more about how Protac’s sensory products are continuing to help improve the quality of life for those living with dementia by checking out our guide here.

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