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At Repose (and in partnership with Protac) we understand that when you are looking for the best sensory stimulation products it is important to consider the nature of the problem you are trying to solve. Many of us have sensory issues of varying severity, and these can be alleviated significantly by choosing the right furniture and products to help you with your specific requirement.

Sensory stimulation is important for many reasons. Motor and psychological unrest, concentration difficulties and sleep disturbances – the symptoms are numerous. The cause may be down to difficulties in sorting and processing sensory impressions from the environment and your own body.

Even if there are no prevalent disorders, it can still be worthwhile taking the time to reconnect with your body using sensory products to improve your overall well-being.

In this article we are going to take a look at three of our leading sensory stimulation products by Protac that can serve a big role in helping with sensory issues including autism and ADHD. Through structured use of sensory stimulation, many people will be able to improve their ability to participate in everyday activities and experience improved well-being.


Protac SenSit®

Protac SenSit® is a sensory-stimulating chair that helps you calm down, feel safe and concentrate. Children, adults and elderly individuals with motor and psycho¬logical unrest can benefit from taking a short break in a Protac Sensit® chair. The chair has balls in the seat and back as well as the special ‘neck’ and side flaps. The wings can be positioned around the body as needed, enabling the chair to envel¬op the user. Protac SenSit® Straight is a variant with the same qualities as Protac Sensit®, but aimed at users who have trouble sitting and getting up on their own, and with a focus on ergonomic support and comfort

The Protac SenSit chair has multiple use cases, and many people will use the chair for sitting and watching TV or using the computer. It’s also perfect for mental and physical restlessness, as well as being great use as a time-out function for kids at school or in the home.


Protac MyFit® Sensory Stimulating Vest

The Protac MyFit® is a calming vest for children, adults and elderly individuals suffer­ing from motor and psychological unrest. It is intended for everyday activities in stressful situations, for hyperactivity and anxiety. The weight and pressure from the vest make the user distinctly aware of his or her body. The enhanced body awareness that the vest creates has a calming effect and increases concentration. .

It is the perfect choice for helping to mediate aggressive behaviour, as well as providing a calming and peaceful effect for people in their lives. If you are someone who has sensory issues, or who becomes distressed very easily, this could be the ideal garment to add to your wardrobe.


Protac Ball Blanket

The Protac Ball Blanket is ideal for combatting mental and physical unrest, distress, and hyperactivity. This is one of the best ways of being able to enjoy a calmer and more unique sleeping experience, due to the design of the blanket. There are 3 different models, Flexible, Calm, and Classic, but all 3 are designed to promote calmness, ease restlessness, and improve the sensory experience. The Protac balls inside the blankets apply pressure to the body and move with the body, providing a changing sensory experience. The blankets help you boost body awareness and make the user feel more at ease with their surroundings.

The Protac Ball Blanket® is a recognised aid for children, adults and elderly individuals who suffer from sleep disorders and motor and psychological unrest. The blanket has been developed in line with occupational therapeutic principles on sensory integration, and its efficacy has been scientifically documented. The Protac Ball Blanket® is effective for minor and more severe degrees of sleep disorders. The blanket can be used at night as well as during the day when you need to calm your body and mind. The pressure and weight of the balls on the body clearly demarcate the boundaries of the body and allows the user to calm down, collect their thoughts and feel secure. This results in deeper, better sleep and more energy during the day.
The Protac Ball Blanket® is available in different models so you always get a blanket that is optimal for your sensory system.

These are just some of the key products that you can use to improve your sensory experiences in a variety of settings. There is time for sensory stimulation at home, in educational settings, and also in care environments, so whatever (or wherever) your requirement is, these products should be near the top of your list of things to try.

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