Power vs Manual Recliner Sofa – Which One Should You Buy?

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Power vs Manual recliner chair

You deserve to feel total comfort. How you go about that is a matter of preference. As we get older and look for better, more supportive, more robust forms of furniture, the humble recliner stands tall as the ultimate in seated serenity. There are many styles of recliner to choose from. In this post, we’ll discuss the differences between the two most popular options, the Power vs Manual Recliner Sofa.

What is a Manual Recliner Sofa?

A manual recliner is a form of sofa or armchair which uses a mechanism to adjust its backrest or footrest. This is most commonly operated by using an ergonomic handle from a seated position.

Depending on the recliner you choose, handle controls may offer variation between footrest levels, lumbar support, or full reclining - the latter angle limit is set at various degrees depending on specific design specifications.

Benefits of a Manual Recliner Sofa

Manual recliners are often much cheaper than their powered counterparts, as the lever/handle mechanism is a manual, fixed feature that requires little maintenance.

They also provide tactical manual input, allowing you to easily decide your reclining angle. In attrition, manual recliners are considered more comfortable than conventional armchairs or sofas thanks to the control they offer over your seating experience. As such, they’re a wise addition to any living room.

Drawbacks of a Manual Recliner Sofa 

As manual recliner mechanisms require some physical effort to leverage, they’re considered unsuitable for those with mobility issues or extra sitting support needs.

Manual recliners are rarely powered, which means they can also miss out on certain optional features like massage functions, heated seating, and more available to more expensive alternatives.

Still, for those without physical limitations, manual recliners are less cost-prohibitive and are a great entry point into the world of recliners.

What is a Power Recliner?

A power recliner takes the concept of a manual recliner and adds a motorised component to run the leverage mechanism itself. This often takes the form of embedded buttons easily accessible when seated in the chair, as well as remote controls.

As such, they offer more reclining positions and a greater degree of fine customization, allowing you to select your perfect seating position. Thanks to their powered configuration, some may offer optional features, like massage or heating functions.

Benefits of a Power Recliner

As the embedded control buttons and remote control are easy to operate, powered recliners are suitable for those with mobility or strength-limited users, such as the elderly.

Operating these chairs is effortless and convenient, and as such provides an unparalleled sense of comfort. If you’ve never been a fan of manual recliners, the seating position options offered by powered alternatives can offer a notable difference.

Drawbacks of a Power Recliner

By their manufacturing standards and features offered, power recliners tend to be more expensive than manual alternatives. They may also require maintenance over the years, depending on the frequency of use.

In addition to that, you may need to angle your chair to run the cable more easily toward your power outlet, without causing a trip hazard in your home.

Which One Should You Buy?

For those looking to enjoy their first recliner, and provided they have no mobility constraints, then a manual recliner can be a fantastic place to start. Manual operation tends to be easy and ergonomic, even if it offers lesser degrees of control. Like with any sofa, the trimmings, design, and brand will influence the end price.

Power recliners are the ultimate in comfort, but can be expensive. In addition, provided you have no mobility support requirements, it’s often best to go for a better manual recliner than a cheaper power recliner, given the latter may require maintenance after a number of years.

Are Power Recliners Worth It? 

Experiencing mobility or strength issues are in no way a prerequisite for enjoying a power recliner, be that an armchair or sofa.

Thanks to their enhanced comfort, higher degrees of customizability, and additional features like power motion, heated seats and more depending on your model, they offer true value for money.

Power recliners can be a perfect treat for someone hoping to get the most out of their living space, fit perfectly spectacularly in a home media centre, and come in various sizes and colours depending on your needs.

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