How Repose are Making Hospital Chairs Safe for Patients & Staff During Covid-19

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Repose Hospital Chairs Range


It is not an underestimation to say that COVID-19 is causing a huge amount of anxiety for hospital patients and staff. Here at Repose, we are determined to add some emotional respite to carers and patients during this challenging time. Our latest hospital chairs are part of our mission to help make hospital furniture safe for patients and staff during COVID-19. Our brand new range of hospital chairs are designed to provide comfort while also providing a range of healthy fabrics that are not just pleasing to the eye in any hospital environment, but work towards inhibiting harmful microbes.

Shield-Plus Technology

Our latest line of chairs come with Panaz Shield-Plus Technology, a state-of-the-art antimicrobial fabric that provides demonstrable effectiveness against coronavirus. Panaz fabric has been tested for vitro cytotoxicity and has been proven non-toxic. While this is a major selling point, the fabric has a wide variety of other benefits. Due to its durability, it lasts for the life of most products, guaranteeing a hospital chair as long-lasting as this will go the distance.


As it has no “zone of inhibition,” it will not transfer viruses to the skin, making it an ideal choice of furniture in a hospital environment for visitors who are concerned about their own abilities to transfer the virus. It's active hygiene features and resilience guarantees its resistance to high temperatures and continuous washing, while also minimising the development of allergens such as dust mites, helping those with breathing difficulties to reduce specific lung-related symptoms.

Versatility & Comfort

A strong hospital chair provides a wide variety of uses in a medical setting. Due to the anxiety-inducing time right now, and the nature of hygiene coming under fire in many health care environments, it's important that a piece of hospital furniture such as this provides a wide variety of uses. Hospital chairs are invaluable to staff and patients that require a long stay in a hospital. Not only staff, but visitors require something to sit down on which provides comfort but doesn't require constant sanitising. Every hygiene conscious individual needs to feel safe during this difficult time and these hospital chairs are paving the way for a healthier and comfortable visit.


It's also crucial for staff who are doing long shifts in a hospital to have comfort as well. The Repose hospital chairs also fold out and can be used to accommodate restful sleep if required, for this we have our Stargazer Chair that folds perfectly flat just like a bed. As such, during a long arduous and emotionally taxing shift, a member of staff has the opportunity to get some well-earned rest in a comfortable setting.

Style & Variety

It's great to be able to offer practical benefits first and foremost, but it's important not to forget that we are creatures with human needs too, and the option to have a hospital chair that is unique and special to an individual hospital or setting isn't something that Repose has overlooked. Although our hospital chairs are usually provided with vinyl covering, they are available in a range of more than 20 fabrics and patterns which also benefit from Shield-Plus Technology.

We are living in uncertain times. As hospitals are more under the microscope than ever before, it's important that staff, patients, and visitors have a high level of comfort during their stay. Repose are making hospital chairs much safer for everybody during COVID-19. Our healthcare chairs for hospital wards using British handcrafted frames and upholstery results in a comfortable chair built to last, adding that extra layer of comfort during this testing time for everybody affected by COVID-19

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