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    Autism is a lifelong condition that affects communication and interaction with others. People living with autism often see their behaviour, interests, and sense of self affected. Some common autism characteristics are difficulty communicating, social difficulties, repetitive movements or actions, and unusual interests or reactions.

    What Is Autism?

    Autism can be classed as a developmental disorder that affects the way people process information, communicate with others, and behave. It affects around 1 in 68 children, as said by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Autism is thought of as an intricate neurological disorder that can impact people of all age groups. It is characterised by problems in social interaction and communication, but those with autism may also experience restricted and repetitive behaviours.

    How Is Autism Caused?

    Autism is a developmental disorder that affects the ability of a person to communicate. As a result, it can also affect the way they interact with people. It is characterised by repetitive behaviours, difficulty in social interactions, and restricted interests. It has been said that what causes autism is genes passed down through generations, but this isn't true because autism can also be caused by environmental factors such as viruses or toxins in the mother's womb during pregnancy. There are a range of theories about the cause of autism, but there is no one cause for the disorder yet.

    Living With Autism: What Are the Symptoms?

    It also helps to know the autism disorder symptoms to look out for. Autism is a complex disorder that affects communication, as well as how a person can relate to others and experience the world. Some of the most common autism symptoms include social awkwardness, difficulty in making friends, and repetitive behaviours. The symptoms of autism vary and come with their own unique traits. Some people may experience more than one symptom.

    Problems With Communication & Social Interaction

    Those with autism may experience difficulties that impact aspects of their life. These are namely the physical and social areas. They also have a difficult time with communication and social interaction. The study suggests that people with autism have problems understanding non-verbal cues, interpreting context, and making sense of the emotions in a conversation. This is because they have difficulty processing language like neurotypical individuals do. They also struggle to understand the subtleties of tone and emotion expressed in speech.

    Restricted Or Repetitive Patterns of Behaviour

    People with autism often have restricted or repetitive behaviours. They may not be able to communicate, use their imagination, or enjoy social interactions. This condition impacts how people behave. As a result, it can also change the way they interact with the world too. There are several restrictions that people with autism face and these restrictions can make life difficult for them.

    There are certain things that people with autism cannot do because of their condition. It often restricts their ability to socialise with others. Some common examples of things that people with autism may not do as well as other people include greeting others, making eye contact, and asking for help when needed. It also makes it difficult for them to enjoy social interactions. Communicating can also be difficult for those with autism, along with using their imagination.

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