Specialist Sensory Equipment: How They Benefit Those Living with Autism

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    Sensory rooms and specialist sensory equipment have long been used for comfort and relief for those on the autism spectrum and experiencing physical and mental health conditions. Sensory equipment involves using all five senses to provide a calming effect on a person, including sight, taste, smell, touch, and hearing.

    There have been many proven benefits to using sensory equipment in a person's life, and the correct use of specialist sensory equipment can be helpful in many different situations, especially concerning autism.

    What Is Autism, And How Does Sensory Stimulation Help?

    Autism is a spectrum, meaning everyone experiencing autism can display different symptoms or qualities that affect their daily life. The spectrum is so diverse that many people with autism can live everyday lives while others need intensive care daily.

    There is currently no known cause of autism, which can affect anyone. It can manifest in different ways to high levels of intelligence, being non-verbal, needing help with the smallest tasks such as washing and dressing, or simply needing help interpreting social cues. It is important to note that autism is not caused by parenting, social environments, vaccines or the onset of illnesses or health conditions.

    Being on the autism spectrum means you can have many complex needs and cannot focus as a neurotypical person would. This can require the use of different methods of sensory equipment such as texture, lighting, sounds and comfort levels to help relieve anxiety and control the body in ways they cannot regulate themselves.

    Specialist Sensory Equipment Benefits

    Let's look at the benefits of sensory equipment for autism.

    Reduced Stress

    Many people with autism can find comfort in the feeling of being held tightly and compressed, especially in stressful situations. When unable to regulate emotions, the need for sensory equipment to provide light pressure can offer relief and calm the mind reducing anxiety. Be it via weighted accessories or sensory products they can manipulate, listen to or look at to increase serotonin and find relief.

    Can Help Reduce Physical and Psychological Restlessness

    For those who need the pressure to help calm their body and mind, using weighted blankets, jackets and accessories can offer support in direct contact with the body by applying light pressure. The effects of such products have been found to compress the central nervous system, allowing people to stop and relax.

    Improve The User's Concentration

    Specialised sensory equipment for autism is designed so that it requires their complete attention. Focusing on tasks can help improve concentration if their focus is easily distracted. Removing all other distractions on the tasks at hand teaches valuable life skills and can aid in stress reduction, giving a person the chance to concentrate on one thing.

    Sensory Equipment Can Provide Greater Independence

    Sensory equipment allows users to fully get to grips with exploring what they enjoy and how they can enjoy it. Once they feel the benefits of sensory equipment for autism, they will become aware of the effect it has on their bodies and allows them greater independence to navigate the world in a way that helps them process what is happening and their capabilities.

    You should never underestimate the value of sensory products, whether sensory chairs for autism, sensory lighting or other specialist sensory products. It can be highly beneficial to both the user and those around them in helping them improve their quality of life and learn to
    live in the world in their own way.

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