Riser Recliner Chair Sizes: How to Measure for a Riser Recliner Chair

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    Riser recliner chairs are designed to provide the correct support for users. Whether you’re choosing from standard riser recliner chair sizes, or are having a made-to-measure seat, accurately measuring for your riser recliner chair is essential to ensure the dimensions of the chair provide the necessary support.

    With the measurements you obtain, deciding how to choose a riser recliner chair and which is the most suitable chair for the user will be much easier.

    How to Measue for a Riser Recliner

    When measured correctly, a riser recliner chair should foremost be comfortable for the user, especially if it will be used daily. The chair should also provide support, by helping the user maintain the correct posture and relieving pressure from vulnerable areas. A chair which is too big will not offer the proper support, whilst one which is too small will be uncomfortable for the user.

    Before you take the measurements for your riser recliner chair, ensure you’re prepared with the following:

    ●     A rigid measuring tape, as opposed to a fabric one

    ●     A pen and paper or electronic device to record the measurements

    ●     The chair user is present and seated in a chair which allows access to the body, such as a dining room chair.

    A rigid measuring tape will be used to take straight and flat measurements, rather than a fabric measuring tape which can bend to the contours of the user, potentially causing an inaccurate result.

    The user must also be seated in a chair which allows the person taking the measurements to access the areas they need. They should be seated with their feet comfortably on the floor, and wearing their typical clothing (if this includes shoes or slippers, they should be worn too).

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    What do you Measure for a Riser Recliner Chair 

    The following measurements will give you the dimensions you need to help you choose a riser recliner chair size which is comfortable for the user, and enables them to rise from and sit down in the chair easily.

    Seat Height

    The first measurement you can take is the seat height. It is important to gauge the correct seat height since the seat needs to be accessible for the user and facilitate their independent mobility as they get in and out of the chair. However, if the chair is too high and the user’s feet cannot touch the floor, there will not be sufficient support which, in time, can cause discomfort and pressure.

    How to measure seat height: measure the length from the floor to the crease at the back of the user’s knee.

    Seat Depth

    Measuring the seat depth correctly will ensure the user’s back is supported without them having to slump and form incorrect posture. However, if the seat depth is likewise too short for the user, their thighs will not be fully supported and they may feel pushed from the chair.

    To measure the correct seat depth: ensure the user is sat with their buttocks against the back of the chair, with the hips and knees at a 90° angle. Try not to include any pronounced gluteal shelf in your measurements as this can provide a false result. Measure the length from the back of the knee to the back of the buttocks, before deducting 1” or 25mm.

    To accommodate any differences in the length, it is best practice to measure both legs.

    Seat Width

    The width of your riser recliner must be comfortable enough so that the user has enough room to reposition. If the seat is too wide, the user will not be properly supported by the armrests and may find themselves leaning to one side. On the other hand, if the width is too narrow, the sides of the chair may rub the user and cause discomfort.

    Measure the appropriate seat width for a user by: measuring across the widest part of the user (this will typically be the hip area). You should then add on 1” or 25mm to allow for thicker clothing or a blanket, especially if you’re measuring your riser recliner chair for elderly people. This additional space will also account for any movement or a windswept posture.

    Arm Height 

    The height of the chair’s arm rests must also be considered in order for the user to be able to comfortably rest their arms and help themselves in and out of the chair. It is important to measure the correct height to ensure the user can sit with their shoulders relaxed and arms stabilised.

    How to measure the arm rest height: the user should hold their arms at a 90° angle at their sides. Then, measure from the seat cushion up to the underside of the middle of the forearm. This will indicate the height you require. To measure the length of the arm rest, measure the length of the user’s forearm to ensure the arm is supported along its length.

    Back Height

    Getting the correct height for the back of your riser recliner chair is important for supporting the head and maintaining a correct posture. If the head is not fully supported by a chair back which is too low, or pushed forwards by a chair back which is too high, the user could experience discomfort in their neck and shoulders.

    When measuring for back height: measure from the buttocks of the user to the top of their head, and again from their buttocks to the top of their shoulder.

    Measure the Lumbar Spine

    If your user has a spinal abnormality, this should be taken into account when measuring for a riser recliner chair for the user’s comfort and support of the spine. It is recommended you consult a professional, who can advise on how to choose a riser recliner chair for a spinal abnormality – made to measure riser recliners may be necessary.

    To measure the lumbar spine: measure from the head of the femur to the middle of the lumbar spine.

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