Senior Care: 3 Essential Products for Elderly Living

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    Senior care is a growing industry that provides senior citizens with products and services to help them live comfortably. When they hear the term senior care, many people think of nursing homes, but this type of service also includes home aides, personal assistants, and caregivers who provide senior living in their own homes. This post will discuss three essential senior care items: riser recliner chairs for seniors, medical alert systems that can be worn as a necklace or wristband, and shower chairs that allow you to bathe without getting out of your wheelchair.

    Riser Recliner Chairs

    Riser and recliner chairs for senior citizens are a great way to help seniors get in and out of bed. These types of chairs raise the seat almost all the way up to standing level, making it much easier for senior citizens who have trouble with low blood pressure or poor balance. They also allow you to sit higher on your feet, making getting into a wheelchair or car very difficult. This is especially true if you use a walker as well as a wheelchair. Once seated, lift chair recliners often offer added features such as swivel trays and adjustable footrests that fold down when not needed. In addition, some models will even lower automatically so that they're at just the right height for your bed.

    A Medical Alert System

    A medical alert system is a great way to keep your loved ones safe. These systems come in many different forms, but they all work by allowing you to call for help if you're in danger or need assistance.

    The most common type of medical alert system is a necklace pendant that can be worn at all times. If you fall or have another emergency, you simply press the button on the pendant, and it will connect you with a dispatcher who will send help right away. There are also medical alert bracelets and wristbands which work in the same way as the necklaces. Medical alert systems provide peace of mind for both senior citizens and their families.

    Shower Chairs

    Shower chairs for the elderly are an essential senior care item. They allow you to bathe safely and comfortably, which is especially important if you have trouble moving or standing in the shower.

    There are a wide variety of models available on the market today with features specific to your needs, including non-slip legs, padded seats, adjustable arms, breaks that prevent sliding down during use, and more. Some even come with seat belt straps so they can be secured to almost any chair, as well as extendable leg rests that slide out when needed but fold up otherwise.

    These types of items give senior citizens freedom and independence while making it easier than ever before for them to continue living at home instead of having to move into assisted living.

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    In conclusion, senior care is an important industry that provides products and services to help senior citizens live comfortably. These three essential items – riser recliner chairs, medical alert systems, and shower chairs – are just a tiny taste of what's available in the senior care market today.

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