5 Effective Tips to Prevent Pressure Sores in The Elderly

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    Even whilst we sleep, most able bodies move around as a natural preventative to pressure sores and other degenerative conditions. However, when you are immobile or have difficulty moving freely, these natural preventatives can be restricted.

    Those seated or lying in one position will have pressure in the same area of the body for extended periods. The pressure, over time, will turn into pressure sores.

    Some risk factors can increase the likelihood of pressure sores, including ageing, illness, weight loss, friction, dehydration, and some medical conditions.

    Check For Signs Of Developing Pressure Sores

    Pressure sores, also known as bedsores, result from prolonged pressure in one particular place on the skin. It is essential to check areas that are susceptible to bedsores often. These areas include your hips, ankles tailbone and heels. When checking for signs of bedsores, indications can range from swelling, puss, tender spots, areas that feel hot or cold on the body, and changes in the skin texture or colour.

    For those who spend a prolonged period lying down in bed, the back of the head, shoulder blades, lower back and behind the knees should be checked regularly.

    Get Seniors on The Move

    Promoting circulation through movement can be one of the best ways to avoid pressure sores. Riser recliner chairs for the elder can help to support them in mobility and keeping some independence.

    Further to this, riser recliner chairs offer the ability for the user to be moved at regular intervals.

    Encourage A Healthy Diet

    A healthy function circulatory system can be aided by having a well-balanced and healthy diet. Reducing the likelihood of pressure sores through diet means looking at ways to optimise the nutritional values in the food.

    Invest In Specialist Seating

    Specialist riser recliner chairs can offer an excellent solution for the prevention of pressure sores. Riser recliner chairs come with a range of movement options that allow for regular repositioning in line with the most effective ways to reduce the likelihood of pressure sores.

    Specialist seating is usually designed with padding in places where the users are most likely to get bedsores, relieving much of the pressure that causes sores.

    Specialist seating can also come with fabrics that are designed to ensure the user is comfortable at all times.

    Ensure That Skin is Kept Dry and Clean

    One of the critical factors in pressure sores in the elderly and immobile is incontinence. When either urine or a bowel movement stay in contact with the skin for some time, the enzymes will begin to cause the skin to break down at a quicker pace than usual.

    Unless the person can reposition themselves often, there is a chance of developing a pressure sore.

    Avoiding scented soap can help prevent the skin from drying out and becoming more prone to tearing and pressure sores. It is also good to avoid using talcum powders as they have the same effect as some scented soaps and can dry the skin out further.

    These five tips can be very practical when minimising the risk of pressure sores for the elderly, those with limited mobility or immobile.

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